Thursday 30 November 2023

Book Review - A Cosy Cottage Escape by Rosie Green

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Title: A Cosy Cottage Escape
Author: Rosie Green
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self published
Publication Date: 30th September 2023
Rating: 4 Stars

When the Little Duck Pond Cafe crew take a break away at Hallowe'en, they're expecting a lovely, relaxing holiday in the picturesque village of Silverbells. But both Ellie and Maddy have challenges to face, and when things start going bump in the night with alarming regularity at the haunted house next-door, it's clear they also have a perplexing mystery to solve. Can they pull together and get to the bottom of the spooky goings-on before their week is up?

Well this was a lot spookier than normal, then again it was set around Halloween, and set in Silverbells not Sunnybrook, with some of the key Duck Pond Cafe girls. 

All from Jaz's viewpoint, we see Maddy's relationship with Jack potentially implode, and Ellie is clearly hiding something. 

But they aren't the only ones, for there are some rather creepy and spooky goings on in this village and the girls can't resist but to get to the bottom of them, for the sake of their new friend Kate. 

I really wasn't sure what to believe, although I did guess parts of it, there were definitely a few surprises for me. 

I loved spending time with some of our favourite characters from the series, especially with them spending extra time with each other, due to being on holiday together,  

It's a charming addition to the series, shows yet another string to Rosie Green's incredibly talented bow and I already can't wait for the next book in the series, which sounds like it could be festive (for a holiday I'm not scared of!). 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Book Review - Murder Under The Mistletoe by Liz Fielding

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Title: Murder Under The Mistletoe
Author: Liz Fielding
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Joffe Books
Publication Date: 7th November 2023
Rating: 4 Stars


Abby Finch arrives at the old church hall armed with festive mistletoe and holly, ready to decorate. But within moments of her walking through the door, tragedy strikes . . .

Edward Marsh reaches to test the antique star at the top of the tree. There’s a fizz and the lights go out.

Abby hears the sickening thud of a body hitting the floor. When the lights turn back on, Edward is dead.

It soon becomes clear it was no accident.

The real victim should have been Gregory Tatton. Dapper silver fox. Popular with the ladies of the seniors’ lunch club. A known blackmailer . . .

Abby is desperate to find out the truth, but putting herself in danger isn’t on her Christmas wish list.

Who’s been naughty? Who’s been nice? Who’s hiding the fact they’re a murderer?

Having previously read some of Liz Fielding's romances, I was curious to see how she would take to writing cozy mysteries. 

I needn't have worried, this was a very enjoyable story, that had me scratching my head as to who the killer was, while definitely being convinced  that there was one person who was truly despicable. 

There are plenty of red herrings, and some twists to keep you on your toes. 

I hadn't realised before I had downloaded this that it is in fact the second book in a series.  I do think it can be read as a standalone, but there were definitely mentions of what happened in the first book, which it would have been nice to know the details of, but equally didn't for me detract from the clearly new crime and case that was occurring in this story. 

I enjoyed getting to know Abby Finch and her family, and seeing how she is moving on with her life.  I like how she is part of the community, and her amateur detecting with her best friend was fun to read.  I am though rather intrigued as to some of the details of why Gregory thought he could blackmail Abby - but unsure whether it refers to things that were made clear in the first book... or a hint of some other reveal in a future book! 

A really delightful story, that I could barely put down for the second half of it.  I'll definitely keep a closer eye out for more books in this series. 

Thank you to Joffe Books and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Book Review - A New York Winter by Isla Gordon

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Title: A New York Winter
Author: Isla Gordon
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Date: 23rd November 2023
Rating: 4 Stars

Curl up this Christmas with the ultimate city escape, and get ready to fall in love with NYC

Will her dreams come true in the city that never sleeps?

When she was nineteen, on a magical trip to New York City, Ashling created a list of her five life goals. There, she'd felt inspired to dream big, but now, ten years later, with four out of five goals having crumbled before her, she realises she has only one option left to live the life she's always dreamed of: move to New York City, before it's too late.

Armed with a ninety-day visa, she's sure that a winter in the city that never sleeps will help her finally get her life on track. However, after arriving in the Big Apple with nowhere to live, Ashling realises that she may be in over her head, until she meets River . . .

River is miserable. He's newly single, recently demoted and feeling entirely lost, but sensing Ashling could do with the help, he offers her his sofa bed. Despite their clashing personalities, over the course of the winter, outgoing Ashling finds herself growing closer to quiet, geeky River - but is he just shy or is there another reason he's holding back?

With snow falling on 5th Avenue, a Thanksgiving parade and a fun-filled Christmas in the most romantic city in the world, can Ashling once again learn to follow her dreams - and maybe even her heart?

How wonderful to visit New York at Christmas, from the comfort of my armchair, without the need to freeze in the cold! 

And I truly feel as though I have experienced the holidays in New York after reading this, as Ashling fits so much into her time in the city. 

Ashling at times drove me slightly mad with her need to find new dreams for the rest of her life, but other than that, I loved every moment of the book. 

From the run up to Thanksgiving,  including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, to Christmas, including the Rockettes Christmas extravaganza and the Times Square Ball drop - this must have included just about every iconic New York Christmas thing you could do.  And I was so living it up alongside Ashling. 

But we also get to see some of the less touristy things, and spend a fair bit of time in Greenwich Village too. There's even a road trip to another gorgeous American wintery location.  I'm positive this book will do good things for New York tourism. 

Everything was described to perfectly.  But it's not just an ode to New York, there is a lovely story within the pages too, about Ashling trying to work out what she would like to do with her life next, after a freak injury means she can no longer fly planes. 

This is just a charming story that totally transported me. Another great book from the always talented Isla Gordon. 

Thank you to Sphere and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday 27 November 2023

Book Review - The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman

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Title: The Christmas Orphans Club
Author: Becca Freeman
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 28th September 2023
Rating: 4 Stars

Christmas is a time for family, but what if you have to choose yours?

For ten years Hannah and Finn have spent Christmas together. With no one to enjoy the holidays with, they've created their own festive traditions. From crooning in a karaoke bar behind a China Town restaurant, to waving from a parade float. Through the years, they've been joined by other lonely souls, Priya and Theo, creating The Christmas Orphans Club.

But everything is about to change. After their friendship suffers the test of a rocky year, Finn and Hannah are finally speaking. They’re trying to put the past behind them and bring back their Christmas spirit. Until Finn announces some rather big news.

News that rocks the group to its core. This may be their last Christmas together…

Can Hannah make this one to remember?

I do enjoy a Christmas debut novel, and this is certainly a great start from this author. 

A very enjoyable story of Christmas's past and present with a group of people who are more like family than friends to each other. 

We get to discover just what caused Hannah and Finn not to speak for an entire year,  we get to discover just cemented all of their friendships in the first place and so many fabulous New York Christmas adventures in between. 

And we get this year's Christmas which could be the last they spend together as a group, and as a result the pressure is on to make it even more memorable than normal.  While the friends all have other pulls on their time this festive season. 

I loved the group dynamics and I was definitely hoping for one specific romance to happen.  And there are other romances present but this is a novel of friendship, and how close friends can really be. 

I really enjoyed this story, and always love spending time in New York at Christmas between the covers of a book.  

A really lovely book. 

Thank you to Penguin and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Friday 24 November 2023

Book Review - Escape to the Swiss Chalet by Carrie Walker

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Title: Escape to the Swiss Chalet
Author: Carrie Walker
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 9th November 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

When your life goes off-piste how do you climb back up the mountain?

Holly Roberts is well-known among family and friends for despising the cold, so no one is more surprised than her when she agrees to pack her bags and move to the Swiss Alps. But after getting her heart broken, spending the winter season working as a sous-chef for wealthy twins Genevieve and gorgeous Luca, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Verbier is home to millionaires and Holly has never felt more out of place in the snow-capped wooden chalet. Thankfully new friends, chalet girl Liv and chef Xavier are there to be her guide in this new world of après-ski and fondue, and to teach her how to get off chair lifts! And then there is Luca... rich, handsome, kind but what is the catch?

She just wanted to escape her problems but could she get her Happily Ever After?

What a fabulous debut novel, I can easily say I devoured this book and already want to know when Carrie Walkers next book is due out.

A gorgeous wintry novel, that tried to cool me off in the late summer heatwave as I was reading it.

Set in the ski resort of Verbier, winter playground of the rich and famous, we have the story of some of the seasonaires that are working for one particular chalet.

Holly is recovering from recently being jilted not quite at the altar, and has taken the job as a change of pace. She is a promising sous chef and has the makings of a sommelier too.

So this is a book filled with delicious sounding food, expensive fine wines, and life on a gorgeous mountain with someone who has never skied or snowboarded before.

Which leads to some rather amusing scenes. Actually there are plenty of funny moments in this enjoyable rom-com.

Oh and there are sexy men too, and I know who I was rooting for. There are some rather pathetic men too!

Just a joyous wintry read that has left me hoping for a sequel. Utter perfection, all the things I love in a book in one story. Adored it. 

Thank you to Aria and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Thursday 23 November 2023

Book Review - Secrets of Starshine Cove by Debbie Johnson

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Title: Secrets of Starshine Cove
Author: Debbie Johnson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Storm Publishing 
Publication Date: 21st November 2023
Rating: 4 Stars

A warm, sparkly and absolutely unputdownable return to the unforgettable Starshine Cove!

Cally, a devoted single mum, is stretched thin between caring for her clingy mother and her day job as a hairdresser with an always sympathetic ear. When her life in Liverpool is suddenly upended, she grabs her son Sam and jumps in the car to drive south for the holidays. Searching for a tiny speck of a village she once visited as a child, they nearly give up when a snowstorm hits, only to unexpectedly stumble across it: Welcome to Starshine Cove.

Amidst the welcoming – if slightly mad – locals, Cally finds some unexpected new friendships. But as the year draws to a close, she faces a tough decision: she and Sam can’t stay here forever, and the future looks a lot less jolly back home…

What an enjoyable return trip to Starshine Cove for readers.  Although I should state instantly that this can easily be read as a standalone, but why miss out on reading the first book in the series which was fabulous. 

I really enjoyed getting to know Cally, her 18 year old son Sam, and her mother.  It's a story of Cally learning a lot about herself and her childhood, and I loved her trip to Starshine Cove on a whim. 

However it was Archie I was enthralled with, along with his daughters Lillie and Meg.  His story is one that might bring tears to your eyes, and seeing the changes in him as he gets to know Cally was really heartwarming. 

And Starshine Cove itself once again was the star of the book - I especially loved the Snowman building competition.  All the quirky characters from the first book are still there, and this is a place that I am loving more and more each visit and just wish it was real. 

There is a lot to love in this story, and I had a great time devouring the words on the pages.  

Thank you to Storm Publishing and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Book Review - The Christmas Love Letters by Sue Moorcroft

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Title: The Christmas Love Letters
Author: Sue Moorcroft
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 26th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

A secret romance was just the start of the story…

Tucked into a crook of the Norfolk coast lies Nelson’s Bar – an idyllic village where time seems to stand still. Maddy Cracey has called this beautiful spot home all her life, as had her husband Adey – until an epic row sent him storming out into a blizzard, with no sign of him since that fateful night.

Six years on, and Maddy’s life in the village has settled into a gentle pattern with her young daughter and Great Aunt Ruthie. However, when handsome stranger Raff turns up with a handful of long-forgotten love letters, their quiet life is upended as family secrets from the past are unearthed.

As Raff and Maddy get to know each other, they grow closer and a love story of their own seems inevitable. But when Maddy receives a mysterious message, she can’t help but wonder whether her own past is as distant as she'd thought it was…

The festive new novel about love, family and the power of words from Sunday Times bestseller Sue Moorcroft, perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan and Phillipa Ashley.

Warmed my heart and gave me warm fuzzy feelings, but not without a fair amount of drama in the lead up. 

We have long lost family members, secrets, a blending of families, plus friends and family to get to know.  There is so much going on in this story, and above all there are some love letters. 

I wouldn't even know where to start in trying to tell you how fabulous this book is, but it has to be one of Sue Moorcroft's best, if not the best.  Once I got to grips with the characters, I was utterly hooked on the story. 

I was thinking about it when I wasn't reading and read most of the second half in one sitting without any awareness of the world around me.  

It's just such a gorgeous story and perfect for this time of year, with some of the more serious themes broken up with the lightness which is 6 year old Lyla.  Who is mega excited for Christmas. 

I loved Nelson's Bar, and getting to know Maddy and her family. And as Maddy is a carer for her great aunt, we get some insight into life with a partially sighted older person who also suffers quite badly from asthma.  I loved Ruthie and really felt for her at times. 

I really don't want to say too much more other than if you are already a  Sue Moorcroft fan, then you definitely need to read this book, and if you have never read her before, then this is a great book to start you off with a new favourite author. 

Thank you to Avon and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Book Review - A Holiday Romance in Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May

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Title: A Holiday Romance in Ferry Lane Market
Author: Nicola May
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self published
Publication Date: 13th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

To escape a public scandal, a jilted actress journeys to Ferry Lane Market

When soap actor Sabrina Swift loses her way due to a public scandal, she packs up her life, heads to Cornwall and finds herself running a gift shop in the quaint and quirky Ferry Lane Market.

Changing her looks and identity to keep her anonymity, the newcomer starts to make friends and enemies as she walks a frosty path in the established marketplace community.

And as rumours start circling that the outside market is going to be shut down, Sabrina is not only ensconced in an unexpected love triangle but is also faced with a difficult decision that could alter both her life and those of the inhabitants of Hartmouth forever.

Charming characters and a beautifully written setting make for a delightful and uplifting tale that explores themes of self-discovery, belonging and the importance of following your heart.

Utterly hooked from start to finish, this was fabulous. 

What a brilliant new book in the Ferry Lane Market series, which sees all the regular and past main characters return, but they aren't the main focus, so this can easily be read as a standalone. 

I loved every single moment of this book, and Nicola May is an author who can do no wrong in my eyes.  I loved all the various storylines running through this,  and I especially loved hating on some of the really despicable men that Sabrina knows. 

Sabrina is determined not to be recognised, and even uses an alter ego while she is an Cornwall, while she tries to re-assess just what she wants from life. And I loved her decision to set up a Christmas shop in Ferry Lane Market, which really does allow her to live a more normal life for a while.

And there is a slow burn romance on the cards, after some false starts with other potentials, which also intrigued me.   While catching up with Star and Kara especially was great and seeing how they are getting on since we last had a book set here. 

I just thoroughly enjoyed this book, and feel sure it must be another winner for the author.  Full of drama, antics, fun and just an all around great story. 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday 20 November 2023

Book Review - Christmas With The Lords by Hannah Langdon

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Title: Christmas With The Lords
Author: Hannah Langdon
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Storm Publishing 
Publication Date: 9th November 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

URGENTLY WANTED: a nanny for Christmas. Seeking an adventurous nanny to work for the aristocratic Lord family at their country estate. Must love naughty dogs, mischievous children and Christmas chaos. Room and board provided.

Penny Windlesham is stunned when her long-term boyfriend suddenly dumps her, leaving her with a broken heart just in time for Christmas. At a loose end, she accepts a job as a short-term nanny to a family she’s never met. Climbing aboard a train bound for the Dorset countryside, a tear rolls down her cheek. Alone, working and amongst strangers… could her Christmas be any less magical?

As she crunches up the family’s frost-covered drive, Penny’s spirits lift when she glimpses her home for the next month: an enormous manor house, its windows glowing with firelight and festooned with twinkling holly. And, as she settles into her role caring for the adorable Lord children, she finds herself surrounded by a quirky cast of characters, including loveably frazzled Spanish chef Pilar and the children’s grouchy uncle, Lando Lord.

Despite Penny’s attempts to avoid him, the darkly handsome Lando seems to be everywhere – hanging around like Scrooge amidst the happy present-wrapping and gingerbread baking. Apparently he wasn’t always this way… is there some secret reason he’s so cranky at Christmas?

When Lando is commissioned to carve a beautiful new Nativity scene for the local church, Penny blushingly agrees to be his model, and a sudden spark flickers between them. But it’s not long before the past comes knocking, and Penny discovers exactly why Lando left his old life behind…

A heartwarming and feel-good holiday story full of Christmas magic! Fans of Beth Moran, Donna Ashcroft and Trisha Ashley will love Christmas with the Lords.

I loved The Lords. What an entertaining family, probably one of my favourite families I've read about in ages. There is so much fun and antics going on, and we get to view it all through the eyes of Penny. 

Penny who has agreed to be a Mother's help to Bunny, for her 4 year old twins in Dorset this Christmas, and is a complete stranger to them. She is after an escape and adventure after her boyfriend of 10 years leaves.  

And via Penny we are introduced to one of the best assortments of characters I've seen in forever.  I just loved them all, and the twins are adorable.  Oh and there are some equally cute four legged friends too.  There are so many smaller sub plots going on, and I found it fairly simple to follow everything, once I worked out who was who. 

I felt at home almost instantly in this book, and just had a real feel good vibe coming from the pages. There are many Christmassy activities, unexpected guests, some romance, and a whole lot more.  

The Lords are certainly a family you will want to spend Christmas with this year! And Hannah Langdon is definitely an author I will be looking out for more books from, on the basis of how much I enjoyed this one. 

Thank you to Storm Publishing and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Friday 17 November 2023

Book Review - Three Holidays and a Wedding by Uzma Jalaluddin and Marissa Stapley

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Title: Three Holidays and a Wedding
Author: Uzma Jalaluddin and Marissa Stapley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Corvus
Publication Date: 28th September 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

One snowstorm.
Two strangers.
Three times the holiday magic . . .
When strangers Maryam Aziz and Anna Gibson are seated next to each other on a flight - Maryam travelling to her sister's impromptu wedding, and Anna to meet her wealthy boyfriend's parents over the holidays - neither expect that severe turbulence will scare them into confessing their deepest hopes and fears to one another. Unfortunately, Maryam's lifelong crush Saif happened to be sitting two rows behind them and heard it all, including the part where she professed undying love for him.
An emergency landing finds Anna, Maryam and Saif snowbound at a quirky hotel in the picture-perfect town of Snow Falls - where fate has Anna's actor-crush filming a holiday romance. As Maryam finds the courage to open her heart to Saif, and Anna feels the magic of an unexpected new love, they might just realise there's nowhere they'd rather be for the holidays.

Wow, I think this is a book that everyone should read, as it shows aspects of Christmas, Hannukah and Ramadan, and how people from multiple religions can respect each others traditions and live and celebrate together. 

All set in a tiny Canadian town that just happens to have an airport. I loved the setting so much, as well getting to know our main characters, and what their holiday traditions would be if they were at home. 

And thus how they can be adjusted to the situation they find themselves in. 

Add in a Wedding that is due to be at the end of Ramadan, and Maryam and Anna who although from different cultures have far more in common than they first think, and you have a really rather special book. 

When I wasn't reading this, I was thinking about it.  It's set in 2000 which was the first time in 30 years that all 3 of these major holidays converged over the same time frame.  Although Christmas and Hannukah overlap fairly regularly, Ramadan being in the mix too really did add another element to the story that was fascinating. 

I really loved every word and I really don't want to spoil anything for you.  There is romance, there are festivities, there is character development, there is wow a boyfriend at the start of the story that I really took an instant dislike to, and a whole lot more besides. 

Add in traditional foods, a really multicultural town, a holiday hoopla, and a whole lot more, this was just one fabulous book.   Definitely one to add to your festive TBRs this year. 

Thank you to Corvus and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Thursday 16 November 2023

Book Review - Meet Me In Central Park by Jo Bartlett

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Title: Meet Me In Central Park
Author: Jo Bartlett
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Publication Date: 20th September 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

Will their Christmas wish come true?

Libby Cooper hasn’t celebrated Christmas since the night her parents died in a terrible accident. She wants to forget that the season of goodwill even exists; but her grandmother has other ideas. It’s time for Libby to start living her life just as her parents would have wanted her to do.

First stop New York!

What better way to immerse herself in the celebrations, than working in her great aunt’s Christmas shop, just a few blocks from Central Park? Making new friends in the Big Apple is the easy bit, but leaving the past behind proves much harder than Libby imagined.

Long walks in gorgeous Central Park help, and here she meets Harry Stanwick, a Central Park Ranger. Harry seems to know instinctively when Libby wants to talk or when she just needs to sit quietly on their special bench with him by her side.

Slowly, Libby begins to feel some of the pain of her past slipping away. And as New York begins to work its magic and her friendship with Harry grows, so too do Libby’s feelings for him.

But can she ever be truly happy without the people who matter the most to her? Or can Harry convince Libby that she deserves her own Christmas miracle -and her chance of happiness – sitting with him on their bench in Central Park?

There is nothing more magical than Christmas in New York, and this was a truly enjoyable story with just that setting. 

However Libby is trying to avoid Christmas completely, so isn't convinced that being sent to help her great-aunt in her Christmas all year shop, is going to be a good idea.  She is after all still grieving for her parents, and feels a lot of guilt too. 

But this is a story of healing, and slowly but surely New York and the festive season, including Thanksgiving, creep up on Libby. 

There are some fabulous new friendships, so really funny lines and then there is Harry. He's a Central Park ranger, and Libby instantly feels as though she already knows him,  I totally loved Harry from the start, and was rooting for the obvious pairing. 

This was such a joy to read, on one level it is a story of forgiving yourself and grief, and on another it's a tourist's guide to New York, plus a Christmas shop and all manner of festivities present. In addition to some very great new people. 

I just loved every second of this book and was finding myself so absorbed I had no idea where I was when I looked up when reading on the tube! Just shows that Jo Bartlett as well as writing about Cornish Midwives incredibly compellingly, she can also set books in New York that can transport you! 

Thank you to Boldwood Books and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Book Review - Bad Blood by Angela Marsons - Blog Tour

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Amazon UK

Title: Bad Blood
Author: Angela Marsons
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: 15th November 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

The victim is lying under the trees, arms lifted above his head, unnaturally still. His muscles are slack. His eyes are empty. There are no signs of life. But he is not quite dead…

When Detective Kim Stone races to the crime scene, there is no body waiting for her: the paramedics are desperately trying to save the victim’s life. But there is something very strange about the way the man was found, his arms raised above his head, his legs spread apart. When he dies on the way to the hospital, Kim is certain she’s on the hunt for a killer… but all evidence at the scene has been destroyed.

The dead man, Eric Gould, seems ordinary, until the team dig into his past. As a teenager, he was locked away for attacking his girlfriend, and Kim suspects he was hurting his fiancé now. Was someone trying to stop history repeating?

Then another man is found on the verge of death, his bones broken to force him into an unnatural shape. The team realise the killer is sending a message – the victims’ bodies are spelling out their sins. As boys, they were both part of a group of six who bragged about their terrible crimes. But they were children then, and when she sees the grief on the faces of their loved ones now, Kim swears to find answers.

Is someone finally getting revenge… or do they think these men are still dangerous? The killer is threatening to strike again, and the only way Kim can crack the case is by tracking down the rest of the six first.

But then a revelation about what one of her team is suffering makes Kim understand why people take the law into their own hands. Do these victims deserve what’s coming to them? Or is there even more to fear from their brutal killer?

Unputdownable from start to finish, Bad Blood is a brilliantly gripping crime thriller with a reveal you’ll never see coming. Fans of Karin Slaughter, Robert Dugoni and Val McDermid will love the latest compulsive read from multi-million-copy bestseller Angela Marsons.

After waiting many months for the resolution of the previous book's rather annoying cliffhanger, to me the main story of this book was Stacy's storyline.  I was incredibly invested in everything that was happening to her, and on revealing the truth of the situation, how her loved ones were dealing with the knowledge. 

And when things take a turn, it allows us as readers to see just how much Kim really does care for her team even if she is rather let's say unhappy and call it a gross understatement, and the decisions she amazingly tempted to make as a result of the depth of those feelings. 

But since this subplot isn't mentioned in the blurb I can't really say anything else on it, other than I found it possibly even more gripping than the main storyline on this instance, probably because it affected a character I care for. 

And it's for these reasons that I think that if you haven't already been following this amazing series from the start (and if not where have you been, other than missing out?), then I feel you at least need to read the previous book to make this one make sense fully.  

As always I was totally addicted to this story, and knew when I was reading the what I thought was the last 20% on the tube, that I would be in danger of missing my stop. Instead I was left slightly annoyed that I hadn't just finished it at home, as the book finished on 89% and the rest if promotional stuff - at least that's the case on the advance copy I read, it may be different on the finished versions.  But honestly though I had more story, more book left, and I was disappointed that I finished so soon. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the main plot as outlined in the blurb. I hadn't figured out most of it, and there were a couple of surprisingly comic moments.  Early on I was reminded of the Friends episode "The one where Nana dies twice" as there was some confusion at the first crime scene. 

I was also very interested in seeing just how the murderer was attempting to make things as hard as possible for the police, even going as far as to use social media to ask the public to cause disruptions.  Which I definitely haven't seen before. 

And the more I see of Penn the more I warm to him, and he is so loveably clueless when it comes to some things, while being amazingly focused at this job. 

It's another ridiculously impressive instalment in this long running series and as always I can't believe I'm going to have to wait for what feels like forever for the next book.  I'm begging you Angela, please write faster! 

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 
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