24 Countries In 2024 Challenge! #BookChallenge #24In2024

24 Countries In 2024 Challenge! #BookChallenge #24In2024

Regular followers of my blog my have noticed over the years that I'm rather partial to a book set in a foreign country, and am a massive fan of armchair travel. So having just spotted this 24 Countries In 2024 Challenge! #BookChallenge #24In2024 on both Over The Rainbow blog and A Knight's Reads, well I haven't got the idea of taking part myself out of my head. 

So announcing that for 2024, I'm actually for the first time in years attempt an annual reading challenge as this one appeals to me on so many levels. 

I'm hoping over the course of the year I can read books set in 24 countries, while still happily reading more or less at random with a lot of my reading,

I find reading to a set list hurts my head, so I'm not going to announce which books I'm going to attempt to read for this challenge. 

What I will do is make sure each post is clearly marked with the #24In2024 tag, and as and when a post goes live I'll update this page (which can be found in my blog's navigation links at the top), with what country, book etc.. 

I'm intending to count England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales separately. Basically if a country as a national football team, it counts as a country as far as I'm concerned! 

Skimming my Netgalley shelf I can see a good few countries that I should be able to cover easily enough, but whether I can find enough variety for 24 countries over the space of 12 months... is going to be interesting to see. 

In the meantime, any suggestions particularly of 2024 releases that are set in non UK / USA I'd love to hear them.... as I'm sure I may need the inspiration of what to read, once all the really easy countries for me are read! 

And I hope you enjoy your armchair travels as much as I do. Check back here semi-regularly to see how I'm getting on. 

Country #1 - South Africa

Love At First Flight by Jo Watson

5 Star Review

Things Pippa enjoys: her job, airplanes, synonyms and tropical fish.

Things Pippa does not enjoy: repeating patterns, tight clothes, people asking why she's single and school reunions.

After four months of only speaking over intercom, when air-traffic controller Pippa Edwards finally meets pilot Andrew Boyce-Jones face-to-face, they discover they've got much more in common than simply working at the same airport.

In fact . . . they both need a date.

Tired of every relationship ending before it's even begun, Pippa wants to evade the inevitable questions at her dreaded ten-year school reunion in Cape Town. And Andrew needs to get his well-meaning family off his back about settling down.

The solution seems simple. A pact - a fake dating pact - for as long as it's mutually beneficial. It's perfect.

Or at least it would be if their very real attraction wasn't about to make Pippa question everything she thought she wanted.  

Country #2 - USA

Misbehaving at Cactus Lanes by Patricia Santos Marcantonio

4 Star Review

An hilarious and heartwarming read perfect for fans of Judy Leigh, Caroline James and Maddie Please!

As Margaret Adams buries her late husband she comes to a shocking realisation – she was widowed long before Bob dropped dead on the ninth hole at his beloved golf club.

Now, with her children grown and her unhappy marriage over, Maggie goes in search of something to make her happy. Enter Las Vegas bowling alley, Cactus Lanes!

With its neon sign, legendary chilli fries and community spirit, stepping through the doors does more than put a smile on Maggie’s face, it changes her life.

As she discovers the friendships she’s always craved – and a chance at a true love with gorgeous owner Frank Martinez – Maggie comes to realise that it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about choosing your lane and striking with determination in the direction that allows you to be you.


  1. I’m liking your idea of using the UK as four countries… that could make things a little easier!

    1. I figured it can't hurt to split them. I'm not sure I have much floating about on my kindle set in Northern Ireland but think I have Scotland and Wales covered!


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