Funday Friday - Truth Or Lie

Truth or Lie is my new weekly feature for Fridays to start each weekend with a bang. I have been wanting to devise a unique way of doing Q&A's since I started blogging, and I think I have finally come up with something that will be a lot of fun. 

Truth or Lie is a hybrid interview, gameshow, plus has a monthly leaderboard and prizes up for grabs. Have I intrigued you yet?

Currently Running 

Month 1 - Week 1 - Rachel Dove 
Month 1 - Week 2 - Lynda Renham 
Month 1 - Week 3 - Jennifer Joyce 
Month 1 - Week 4 - Alan Jones 

Month 1 Round Up - The Lies and Leaderboard Revealed

Month 2 - Week 1 - Zara Stoneley 
Month 2 - Week 2 - Mandy Baggot 
Month 2 - Week 3 - Kendra Olson 
Month 2 - Week 4 - Peter Jones 

Month 2 Round Up - The Lies and Leaderboard Revealed

Month 3 - Week 1 - Linda Hill
Month 3 - Week 2 - Jo Lambert
Month 3 - Week 3 - Renee Conoulty
Month 3 - Week 4 - Cassandra Parkin

Month 3 Round Up - The Lies and Leaderboard Revealed

Month 4 - Week 1 - Nancy Holland
Month 4 - Week 2 - Jan Ellis
Month 4 - Week 3 - Anne Hamilton
Month 4 - Week 4 - Camilla Isley

Month 4 Round Up - The Lies and Leaderboard Revealed

Month 5 - Week 1 - Carol Thomas
Month 5 - Week 2 - Heleyne Hammersley
Month 5 - Week 3 - Christina Philippou
Month 5 - Week 4 - Tracey Sinclair

Month 6 - Week 1 - Sue Featherstone
Month 6 - Week 2 - Sue Moorcroft
Month 6 - Week 3 - Alli Sinclair
Month 6 - Week 4 - Jane Cable

Month 6 Round Up - The Lies and Leaderboard Revealed

Who will take part?

My contestants are going to be authors, bloggers or anyone generally involved in the book community. Quite happy to feature publicists, cover designers, editors, anyone so long as they have a link to books. 

What will the contestants have to do?

They will be given a set of 15 questions to answer, but I want
three of the supplied answers to be lies. 

The sorts of questions asked, some are book related and others are on all sorts of topics that like me are quite random. None of them should have yes/no answers and should be potentially fun to create a lie to should you chose to. 

What do I have to do?

You as a reader or "viewer" will have to try to guess what the three lies are, and answer in the comments.

For each one you guess correctly you will earn 1 point.

Over a four week period, of 4 different interviews, I will tally up points and post up that months leaderboard. Everyone who has the most amount of points will be entered into a prize draw to win a paperback of their choice (open internationally).

I will do a post once I have the leader board, not only announcing who has won the prize, but also at that point revealing which the lies were, and also the contestant's true answers.

How do I take part?

If you are wanting to be a contestant, then please let me know via my contact form, and I will email you the questions.

If you are wanting to make guesses and try to win the prize each month, then wait for the posts to go live and then leave a comment on them. You can only give 3 guesses each week so a chance of earning 0-3 points, Please also always include a way for me to contact you, so that if you win, I can get hold of you. 

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