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Book Review - Do You Want to Know a Secret? by Claudia Carroll -

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Title: Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Author: Claudia Carroll

Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Transworld Ireland
Publication Date: 16th December 2008
Rating: 4 Stars

Vicky Harper is still hopelessly single and having to face up to the unpalatable fact that the last time she had a relationship with that highly elusive species, the decent single man, was well before Phantom of the Opera hit Broadway.

So, having discovered an ancient book which says you can have anything you want from the Universe... and that all you need do is ask, she decides to give it a whirl. Turns out all she has to do is focus on thinking her wildest fantasies into reality. Kind of like Pollyanna, except with a Magic 8 Ball, a mortgage and a lot of vodka.

So, along with her two beyond-fabulous best friends, Vicky decides to put 'The Law of Attraction' into action. Trouble is, 'The Law of Attraction' doesn't come with an instruction manual and Vicky soon realizes that you have to be very, very careful what you wish for...

Given the last book I read was a dark thriller, Do you want to know a secret? was the perfect tonic to that This is a light hearted, amusing chick lit book. It may be slightly predictable but I really didn't care, as the humour involved was so enjoyable to read. 

Having relooked at the blurb for this book, I don't think it does it justice, as I found Vicky's best friends Barbara and Laura were the stars of the book, and possibly more entertaining than Vicky herself, but really without all three ladies getting the equal amount of story that they do, this would be a disappointing story, 

Vicky is unlucky in love, but has a successful business, Barbara attracts men, like flies to honey, but she can barely get a job as an actress anywhere, and Laura, is a single mum to four children, used to be a lawyer, but now is struggling to stay at home with the children, and her finances are a bit of a mess. 

The girls, after hearing about the book Laws of Attraction, decide to project manage the area of each others lives that is lacking, and the bulk of this book, is the outcomes, of allowing your friends to help you out in areas where you are weak. 

Laura's story was my favourite, as the way she describes what her various kids are up to , must be familiar to most parents, and just hilarious in her ancecdotes. Equally amusing were the scenes where Barbara meets someone she idolises, and some of the men that Vicky meets (although I think it could be a bit obvious who the front runner in her affections was).

I'm a huge fan of Claudia Carroll's books, and although some of her more recent books are better than this (as she has progressed as a writer), I still loved Do You Want to Know a Secret?

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  1. I love Claudia's stuff but somehow I've never read this one. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.


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