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Guest Post & Giveaway - Lorraine Wilson talks about her first full length novel

Happy Publication day Lorraine, The Art of Seduction is out today, and I am delighted to welcome Lorraine Wilson back to Rachel's Random Reads. I loved hearing her thoughts on Escapism last time, and today, she is telling us about her first full length novel, which is sounding really good.

I'm excited to announce publication of my first full length novel - 'The Art of Seduction' (pub date 15th October 2015). One of the main themes of the story is connection. Both Laura and Jack had an expat childhood but reacted to it in different ways. Jack refuses to become too attached to anything or anyone because he knows how transient life can be. Laura on the other hand longs to settle down, to have a proper home and to belong somewhere.

What they both really need is to be brave enough to forge a connection and let go of the beliefs holding them back. For them, sex is a doorway to experiencing a connection worth changing for. For Laura, sex with Jack is especially empowering.

I had an expat childhood myself so writing about home, identity and belonging was especially poignant. Also, somewhat ironically, I was once approached in the National Gallery by an artist who wanted to paint me. I declined as I was in a relationship and suspected he wanted to do more than just paint me but I was very flattered. I think that incident may have subconsciously triggered the premise for the The Art of Seduction. I was also a frequent visitor to Queen Mary's Gardens (featured in the story) when I lived in London. The gardens were a peaceful oasis, and an escape from city life. I used to sit on a bench, surrounded by roses, and write...

The Art of Seduction

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Laura Baker has a plan. She's going to make Jack McClaren, bad boy of the art world, face up to his responsibilities. Jack has a plan, to track down his elusive creative spark. When Laura ambushes him he's found it. Now to light the fuse, sit back and enjoy the fireworks...

"If you love a sexy, sizzling book that packs an emotional punch, you've just found your perfect next read. Five sparkly stars from me." Kitty French, USA Today Bestselling Author.

'I live in London and work in a florists, though I do a bit of waitressing in the evenings as well, to make some extra money. With the mess my sister Sophie has got into we're going to need every penny and it's not like I can rely on Mum or Dad to help out.
It was through the waitressing temp job I finally found a way to turn things around, to make things right for my little sister. Going through the proper channels got me nowhere so I had to get...creative. The laws of right and wrong apply to everyone, or at least they should do. I admit Jack McClaren is super hot, after all I'm not blind, but he stands for all the things I despise - he's feckless and irresponsible and it's time someone made him pay. That someone is going to be me.'

'I should be in a great place right now, commissions have made me rich and critics have named me as one of the greatest portrait painters of the twenty first century. Apparently I'm the 'bad boy of the art-world', or so my publicist would have you believe. But I've got a problem, my creative spark is ominously absent, it's been AWOL for a while. I'm busy procrastinating when Laura rockets into my life, bringing the elusive spark of inspiration with her. Sounds good, yes? Right up to the point when she opens her mouth and what she says...well, let's just say her accusation leaves me reeling. It's not long though before I realise I can turn the situation to my advantage. Seduction is an art and I've been told I'm a skilled artist in more ways than one. I'm all for taking opportunities to perfect my art. With Laura my plan is simple - light the fuse and then sit back and enjoy the fireworks.'

'The Art of Seduction' is a new novel to set your pulse racing from Lorraine Wilson, author of the bestselling Chalet Girl stories. It's the perfect next read if you love Christina Lauren's 'Beautiful' series or Alice Clayton's 'Cocktail' series. 

About Lorraine Wilson

I live in Wiltshire, England, with my husband but love to travel and have lived in four continents. From playing amidst Roman ruins in Africa as a child to riding a Sultan's racehorse in the Middle East as a teen, I’ve many experiences to draw on for the stories I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. 

When I’m not writing you'll find me listening to audiobooks while I sew or design handbags, usually with a rescue terrier or two curled up on my feet!

To keep up to date with all my news checkout my author page on Facebook or find me on twitter @Romanceminx

To celebrate publication of The Art of Seduction I'm doing a mega-giveaway:

First prize: a Lorraine Wilson Design La Boutique shoulder bag worth £34.99, a set of Chalet Girl paperbacks, a tote bag, two brand new Clinique lipsticks, Clinique Take off the day make-up remover, Clinique samples, a Lorraine Wilson Design felt heart hanging decoration and an ebook copy of The Art of Seduction.

Two runner up prizes of: a paperback copy of Confessions of a Chalet Girl, a book bag, a Lorraine Wilson Design felt heart hanging decoration and an ebook copy of The Art of Seduction.

Good luck :-)

I have a copy of The Art of Seduction that I'm very much looking forward to reading. Thank you Lorraine for taking time out of your busy publication day, to pop up here. Always a pleasure to have you, and good luck everyone taking part in Lorraine's giveaway. 


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