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Book Review & Giveaway - My Sister's Child by Caroline Finnerty - Around The World Blog Tour

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Amazon UK
Title: My Sister's Child
Author: Caroline Finnerty
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Publisher supplied review copy
Publisher: Poolbeg Press
Publication Date: 13th August 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

My Sister's Child is the story of two sisters, and one huge question. 

Jo is the elder sister, responsible and hardworking. Isla is carefree and has always avoided being tied down. The sisters have always had a strained relationship, but when Isla asks Jo for something that rocks the very foundations of the family that Jo has worked so hard to have, she is horrified. And, as Isla persists in her pleas, Jo fears she will lose the one thing she holds most dearly. 

Thought-provoking and compelling, this is a layered and moving story of sisterhood, love and lies and the finely-woven link between nature and nurture that will challenge the way you think about motherhood. 

My Sister's Child is a seriously impressive story, which will throw up all sorts of questions for the reader. In fact I suspect this could be a very good book group book, for that reason alone. 

At the heart of the book there is the question of Nature vs Nuture, or who is really the parent. It deals with infertility and the various ways you can solve that, including donor eggs.

This is a story about a family, and mainly sisters Jo and Isla. Depending on who the focus was on, depends how they see their relationship, but Isla once did a completely selfless deed for Jo, and when she years later, asks for something similar, but that will bring up a lot of ancient history, and Jo is not sure she can bring herself to agree.

The sisters had a tough time as children, and various incidents in their past have had a real baring on how they formed as adults, especially with regards to certain characteristics. 

There are a lot of serious topics dealt with in this story, and its clear that Caroline Finnerty must have done a large amount of good research into them, in order to write about them so well. Everything is clear and concise, with a good turn of phrase, so you understand the moral and legalities of certain issues. 

From what I have discovered after finishing the book, I believe that Caroline has used the latest laws that are coming into force in Ireland, regarding donor rights, so this will keep the book very relevant for a long while.

There was a huge disagreement during the majority of the book, which tears the family apart, and I really couldn't decide who I was siding with. Both Jo and Isla's points of view were presented so well, that I had some empathy for both of them, as well as Ryan (Jo's husband) and their "Little Star"Réiltín. 

There is no point me discussing the story with you in great detail, as I can't risk giving away something that could spoil your enjoyment of the book, but suffice to say, My Sister's Child will draw you in, and will affect a lot of people. 

I found My Sister's Child to a fascinating look into family life, and the various issues it produces are dealt with appropriately and along with it there is a great story. 

Thank you so much to Poolbeg Press and Caroline Finnerty for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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Author Bio:
Caroline Finnerty is the Irish author of the books 'In a Moment', 'The Last Goodbye', 'Into The Night Sky' and 'My Sister's Child'. She also compiled the anthology 'If I was a Child Again' in aid of Barnardos. She lives on the banks of the Grand Canal in Co. Kildare with her husband, three small children and their dog.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon

Thank you so much to Anne Cater for pairing me with Caroline for this Around The World Blog Tour. I've always loved my Irish fiction, and this was no exception. It has been a pleasure to take part. 


  1. What a great review. Thank you. Looks like one for the TBR pile...

  2. Wow, what a fabulous review! This really does sound seriously impressive. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! Well done, Caroline! :) xx

    1. My Sister's Child is a very impressive book and definitely worth reading.

  3. Yet another great post Rachel - and another author to add to my TBR!

  4. What a great post, thanks Rachel and Caroline x

  5. Very tricky to write a review when you can't give away too much but it sounds fascinating - hints of Jodi Picoult I would say. Angela Britnell

  6. Great post and review Rachel, this went on my wishlist recently

  7. My Sister's Child is one or my favourite books of 2015 so far. Would love to win another book by Caroline.

  8. Great review - added it to my christmas wish list for my hubby


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