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Guest Post - Carol Thomas talking about Crazy Over You her new book

Thank you to Carol Thomas, for coming onto Rachel's Random Reads, to talk about her new romance, Crazy Over You. My review has also been posted today, so take a look after you read what Carol has to say.

Love, loyalty and living happily ever after are put to the test in my new romance novel Crazy Over You!

Have you ever been driven crazy by love? As the subtitle of my book states, love can drive you crazy in more ways than one. There are times – particularly in the early stages of a relationship – when you can feel completely crazy, head over heals in love, and then there are the times when you can feel aspects of your partner or relationship might literally drive you crazy! It is this range of emotions that I set out to explore in Crazy Over You

Like many women Abby Turner always assumed her take on infidelity would be zero tolerance – walk away, don’t look back (cue Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive) and move on in the knowledge that the person left behind didn’t deserve you. From the vantage point of her mostly happy, fifteen-year marriage and with her opinions informed by books and films it had all seemed so straightforward. So why isn’t it that simple when it becomes her reality? 

Abby’s story begins almost two months after she has discovered her husband Simon has had an affair. In the wake of their separation she feels ashamed of the darkness that sometimes engulfs her and unwilling to confide in those closest to her (her family perceive her as one of life’s copers, while her best friend is away, working in America). Abby feels hurt, confused and unable to move forward in the way she had always imagined she would. 

This, for me, was an important starting point. I had read other great novels on the theme of infidelity but often found that the impact of the affair on the central character tended to be sidelined in order to move forward with the plot. In writing Crazy Over You I felt I had something different to offer; the exploration of Abby’s feelings is very much part of the plot. In fact they are the driving force throughout the story.

That is not to say that Crazy Over You is grounded in sadness, far from it. Yes it has its moments but I think this isn’t a subject you can tackle honestly without reflecting some of the impact on those concerned. However, as we follow Abby as she attempts to gain control of her life and make decisions about her future, it becomes very clear that this is as much a story about friendship, family and love as it is of infidelity.

Yes, Crazy Over You is a novel for all those who have experienced a break up, but it is also very much a story for all those who know that living happily ever after is not quite as simple as meeting your man. 

Crazy Over You: Love can drive you crazy… in more ways than one!

When Abby met Simon it was the start of something special, a love Abby believed would last a lifetime.

A wedding, two daughters and fifteen years later Abby’s world is falling apart. Having discovered Simon has had an affair her normally ordered mind is spiralling out of control. Crushed by the betrayal and shocked by her own reaction, she knows she needs to get herself together. She’s just not sure where to start.

With Simon on a mission to win her back and a close friend hiding a secret that could push her further over the edge, Abby finds strength and support where she least expects it. But as she attempts to gain control of her life and make decisions about her future, it may be more than the limits of Abby’s mind that are put to the test!

Genre: Contemporary romance
Release date: 28th October 2015
Publisher: Matador

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Author bio:

Carol Thomas lives on the south coast of England with her husband, four children and two lazy Labradors. She enjoys taking on a challenge and writing her novel, Crazy Over You, while looking after her children and working part-time has proved to be one of her most exciting challenges to date. Carol has taught in the primary sector for fifteen years and works as a copywriter for commercial websites. 

Commenting on the release of her ‘thought provoking and entertaining’ debut novel, Carol states, “While Crazy Over You is undoubtedly a work of fiction, I enjoy writing from real experiences, drawing on what I know and depicting emotions I, and hopefully others, can relate to.”

She has a passion for reading, writing and people watching and can often be found loitering in local caf├ęs, drinking too much tea and working on her second novel. 

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