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Book Review - Once Upon A Christmas by Sarah Morgan - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #43

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Title: Once Upon A Christmas
Author: Sarah Morgan
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Publication Date: 5th October 2012
Rating: 5 Stars

What's your number one Christmas wish?

Bryony’s daughter has put a dad on her Christmas list. That leaves Bryony with one month to find the perfect man, so this year she’s wishing for a miracle! While she’s looking for love, her best friend Helen is doing the opposite.

Her Christmas wish is to forget all about the white dress hanging in her wardrobe – and her faithless rat of a fiancĂ©. Helen and Bryony’s festive cheer definitely needs a boost, so it’s lucky that once upon a Christmas, wishes really do come true…

I don't know why I keep being amazed when I read a Sarah Morgan book, because she is consistently brilliant at creating romances to fall in love with yourself, in the most fabulous of locations. This may be one of her slightly earlier books, but its still the same level of quality you know, love and would expect from an author of this calibre. 

There are two separate stories in this book, which are separated as Part 1 and Part 2, but part 2 is a direct continuation of part 1, but the main character focus changes. In the first half the story is about Bryony, her daughter Lizzie, and her best friend Jack. 

Lizzie made her list for Santa early this year, and put just one thing on it, she wants a dad, giving Lizzie six weeks to find a man, fall in love and get engaged at the very least, or destroy a little girls belief in Santa. Only problem is Lizzie generally doesn't date, and is very much in love with the one person who never notices her as a woman. 

The second half of the book is about Bryony's best friend Helen, who ends up meeting and living under the same roof as one of Bryony's brothers Oliver.

All of the action is set in a small town in the Lake District in winter, and Bryony, Jack and Oliver are as well as doctor's also members of the mountain rescue team. This leads to some wonderful in the field medical emergencies, and just shows how human and compassionate medical professionals can be. 

It has been since I last read an older Sarah Morgan book, that I last read a medical romance, and again I am reminded at how much I am missing out on by not reading more of this sub genre, as although I would faint in real life situations, I am fascinated reading about doctors and nurses. Let's face it there isn't much sexier than a gorgeous fictional doctor, saving someone's life!

Once Upon A Christmas is two cosy romances, that just draw you in, you may know where the story should end, but the journey is so delightful, you are happy to come along for the ride. Lizzie in part one really reminds me of the little girl from Miracle on 34th Street, while part two had me falling head over heels for Oliver, which felt a bit like I was cheating on Jack from part 1!

Wonderful book that I am so happy I found the time to read, and a great way to spend a cold winter's afternoon. 

Thank you to everyone that voted for Once Upon A Christmas. I did suspect it may win this week, but also great to see the Sarah Morgan love.  I wonder what you will be picking for me this time around! 

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