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Truth or Lie? - Month 6 Round Up

Well it has been a mixed month this time, some weeks had quite a few participants, and other we had our regular guesser, who has done incredibly well in previous months.

So the leaderboard for this month is as follows:

Congratulations to Ali - The Dragon Slayer, on winning the final month of Truth or Lie?

I am back with a one of special edition next week where everyone that has a guess, will get entered into a draw for a star prize courtesy of our contestant!

And for those of you that have been waiting with bated breath all month, here are the lies revealed for Sue Featherstone, Sue Moorcroft, Alli Sinclair and Jane Cable.

Week 1- I had Sue Featherstone as my guest, and she had some great lies. So here is the truth! 

Question 3 - What was your most memorable holiday ever?  

Truth: New York, September 2014, with my husband and two grown-up daughters. We were supposed to go to NY to celebrate my 50th birthday a few years earlier but number 2 daughter had surgery a week beforehand so we didn’t make it. It was every bit as wonderful as I’d thought it would be. 

Lie: Our first holiday together as a married couple (honeymoon in Paris excepted): a caravan in Skegness. Doesn’t sound very exciting but just the two of us. What could have been better?

Question 7 - What is your dream job, and have you tried to achieve it? 

Truth: I’ve been incredibly lucky. I wanted to be a writer so my first job was as a journalist, then I moved into corporate communications so still writing and now I teach other people how to write. And I’ve just written my first novel. Doesn’t get better than this. 

Lie:  Like every good Catholic girl I fantasised about becoming a nun and saving the world through prayer and good deeds. Then I grew up and discovered I wasn’t cut out for praying or saving the world.

Question 13 - If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money? 

Truth: Depends how much I won. My last lottery win was £10, about a zillion years ago and I put it straight in my purse and probably frittered it away on a bottle of dry white wine. I like to think I’d share a bigger lottery pot with those I love.  

Lie: I’d have as much fun as possible spending it on high living, exotic holidays and expensive cocktails. I’d also treat my husband to a fast car.

Week 2- I had Sue Moorcroft as our contestant, I wonder if her rather succinct answers made it easier or harder for you to guess! 

Question 9 - Besides reading, which I am guessing is a given, what other hobbies do you have?

When I’m not being an author I love to read, watch Formula 1, do Zumba, FitStep, yoga and hang out with my buddies, especially if wine’s involved. [Truth]

When I’m not being an author I love to run for hours, especially in the rain. [Lie]

Question 11 - Did you have an invisible friend as a child? If so please tell me about them.

No, but I had an invisible dog called Peter. [Truth]

Yes, a girl called Caroline and a boy called Adam. [Lie]

Question 14 - If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?

Cars, first class travel and my loved ones. [Truth]

Doing up my house as if I were on a TV makeover programme. [Lie]

Week 3- We had Alli Sinclair visiting us from Australia, let's see if her answers got you stuck down under! 

Question 6 -  Can you describe for me what your perfect day would involve?

LIE: A long jog along the beach, followed by a leisurely breakfast of green juice with extra kale, then a few games of tennis, and if the weather’s nice (but it’s a perfect day so it will be sunny, right?) then spend the afternoon gardening. 

TRUTH: A sleep in with hubby making one of his fabulous hot breakfasts and bringing it to me while I catch up on emails with friends. Then it’s off to the beach on my perfectly sunny day (but not too hot!) and building sandcastles with the kids. Lunch would be at a seaside restaurant and we’d share a seafood platter with extra crayfish (lobster) and a beautiful glass or two of a crisp, fruit white wine. I’d have some time to read in the park while the kids play with hubby and then we’d go to a new Mexican restaurant and meet the chef who tells us all about the history behind each dish. Later that evening we’d go home and watch an old musical with Gene Kelly or a romantic movie that is bound to have me reaching for the tissues. Oh, and I will add that all the housework will magically do itself, the kids are perfectly behaved and everything I eat doesn’t go straight to my hips.

Question 9 - What is your best childhood memory?

LIE: Going to the snow when I was a very young and building a snowman that was almost twice the size as me. I remember frozen fingers (even though I had gloves on), snowflakes being caught in my eyelashes, and a super cold nose—but all that faded into the background as I laughed with my parents and brother as we created a memory that would last forever.

TRUTH: My best childhood memory is lying on a bed with my grandma and staring at the blank wall with her. We’d make up stories and tell each other what was happening as we pretended that blank wall was a movie unfolding before our eyes. That’s my very first memory of storytelling and one I will cherish forever. 

Question 10 - Did you have an invisible friend as a child? If so please tell me about them. 

LIE: I had twin invisible friends – Molly and Gertrude. They were the same age as me and were super brave. They always said the things I was too scared to, and they often goaded me into doing things I wasn’t brave enough to do (which sometimes got me into trouble!). I turned ten and they disappeared overnight – it broke my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over it.

TRUTH: I never had an invisible friend growing up, unfortunately, but I had a very active imagination so I had a cast of characters that would visit me when I was creating my stories.

Week 4 brought Jane Cable to the blog, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer with her lies!

Question 3 - Tell me about any really memorable dream or nightmare you have had

Truth: After my father died I dreamt that we were dancing together as he slowly became a skeleton. It may have been macabre but it was strangely comforting at the same time because we were able to talk to each other. 

Lie: It was actually the dream Alice has about Owen in The Cheesemaker’s House the night after she first sees him, swimming in the river. It was just a gentle kiss on the lips from a man I didn’t know but I could still feel it when I woke up.

Question 4 - What was your most memorable holiday ever?

Truth: A few years ago we went to a resort called Kihaad in the Maldives. We chose the location and the time of year because we knew the manta rays came in to feed and we weren’t disappointed. We spent almost an hour in the water with them and it was certainly my most memorable holiday experience.

Lie: A trip to Newquay in Cornwall in the summer of 1987. We stayed with my friend’s Auntie Megan who owned a surf shop and fell in love with her boyfriend Robin who seemed the epitome of cool to two teenage girls.

Question 10 - Besides reading, which I am guessing is a given, what other hobbies do you have?

Truth: I love cricket. Not playing it, but watching it, listening to it, and being involved in the game in any non-playing capacity. At one point I wrote for the Cricket on Five website and had the pleasure of discovering that Geoffrey Boycott isn’t always the miserable old so and so he’s made out to be.

Lie (My husband grows the dahlias!): I am passionate about my garden, in particular growing dahlias. I never tire of their wonderful jewel colours and I planted a whole bed in memory of my mother after she died last year. I even post pictures of them on Twitter sometimes.


  1. This was a fun quiz. Enjoyed taking part.

  2. Thanks so much for asking me to participate and thank you to all the readers for your guesses! I've enjoyed trying to guess the lies from the posts of others and it's been fun! Thanks Rachel!


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