Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Guest Post - About Mistletoe Manor by Holly Tierney-Bedford

Holly Tierney-Bedford is sharing with us today a look at Mistletoe Manor, the setting for her latest cozy mystery Murder at Mistletoe Manor.

Mistletoe Manor is a nineteenth century inn with six guest rooms and one guest suite. This beautiful but rundown inn is nestled in the snowy mountains of Windy Pines*, Idaho. “Not far from Wyoming and 
Montana, not close to anything,” joke the townspeople. Halfway up a mountain, the inn stands alone, overlooking the tiny town. 

For years the crotchety old Petermans owned this inn, letting it get more and more dilapidated. When young, single Klarinda Snow purchases the inn, she has her hands full. With no inn keeping experience, and no connections to the small mountain town, she can’t help but wonder if she’s made a mistake. 

Taking care of the inn keeps her from having the time to reconsider her decision. Most days just keeping up with its maintenance and care is almost more than she can handle. Her trusty cook Pierre and handywoman Myrtle help her navigate the responsibilities and workload. Life at Mistletoe Manor may be busy, but it’s rarely exciting.

And then one day in December the guest book inexplicably begins to fill with appointments. Why would rich, single, twenty-somethings from across the country suddenly descend upon the inn? Normally Klarinda’s lucky to see a couple of middle-aged anniversary celebrators from the next county over. Has Mistletoe Manor become some kind of trendy tourist destination? Or does someone have something sinister planned?

*Windy Pines, Idaho is fictional town.

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Klarinda Snow is the innkeeper of a beautiful, historic bed and breakfast in Windy Pines, Idaho. Guests come to Mistletoe Manor to escape from their troubles while enjoying the scenic mountain town. 

When all seven rooms of the inn get booked on a Tuesday night in December, Klarinda is excited about having so much business, but a little confused as well. After all, her inn normally isn't exactly a destination hotspot.

The guests have barely settled in before strange things begin happening. Is this the most accident prone group of travelers ever, or is someone out for revenge?

About the Author

Holly Tierney-Bedord is the author of several novels and novellas, from romantic comedies to mysteries and thrillers. Her titles include Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story, Surviving Valencia, Coached, Run Away Baby, and The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy. Her latest novella is cozy mystery Murder at Mistletoe Manor.

Holly lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband Bill and their dog Tyler.

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