Thursday, 6 October 2016

Book Review - We Were On A Break by Lindsey Kelk

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Title: We Were On A Break
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 6th October 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Is it a break? Or is it a blip?

‘You’ve just had a holiday,’ I pointed out, trying not to yawn. ‘Wasn’t that enough of a break?’
‘I don’t mean that kind of break.’

There’s nothing worse than the last day of holiday. Oh wait, there is. When what should have been a proposal turns into a break, Liv and Adam find themselves on opposite sides of the life they had mapped out.

Friends and family all think they’re crazy; Liv throws herself into work – animals are so much simpler than humans – and Adam tries to get himself out of the hole he’s dug.

But as the short break becomes a chasm, can they find a way back to each other? Most importantly, do they want to?

We Were On A Break is a book that will have you chuckling from start to finish. There are so many comic gold moments in it, that I found myself enjoying everything. Most of them are small things, but when you aren't wanting to slam the two main characters heads together in an effort to make them see sense, everything else is really funny. 

Adam was supposed to propose to Liv on holiday. He knew it, his brother knew it, his brother's wife, Cass knew it, and since Cass is Liv's best friend she may have let the secret slip. All Adam didn't know was that Liv had found out and had spent the whole holiday expecting a proposal which due to some unforeseen events, and an inability to read a map app, never occurred. Instead by the time they are back in the UK, there have been massive arguments and they appear to be on a break. 

Ever since series 3 of Friends, the line We Were On A Break has always brought to mind Ross & Rachel, and their epic fight, and the rest of a season of great humour surrounding that one line! As a result it is not surprising that things get a bit out of hand and both Liv and Adam find themselves spiralling away from each other, after one asks for a break. 

The story switches perspectives between Adam and Liv fairly regularly, which is confusing as first until you start recognising a change when it happens. There is no warning, just one minute you are reading with a girls perspective and the next from a boys. 

The dynamic between Adam's brother Chris and just about anyone else in the story would be hilarious if he wasn't such a <insert rude insult here>. He is a condescending piece of work with regards other people including his brother, but yet is also a bit of a show off. Just wait until you get to descriptions about the christening party! 

As a huge Lindsey Kelk fan, I was incredibly excited to receive an early review copy of this book, and it certainly lived up to expectations. We Were On A Break may not be my favourite book by the author, but it is still a lovely addition to my collection of her books, and one I really enjoyed reading. 

Thank you so much to Harper and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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