Sunday, 31 December 2017

I'm Back! Did you miss me?

Well I've had a lovely two weeks in Fuerteventura, I'll admit it wasn't my best ever holiday but it did get me a nice tan and I'm certainly a lot more relaxed.

I did very little for two weeks as was the plan, so unfortunately don't have too much I can share with you.

Christmas Day was fabulous though, Father Christmas arrived on the beach via a pedalo and I even got to sit on his lap and there were chocolate gifts left in all the rooms during the day! Then watched the entertainment team debut their new show The Lion King, which is easily the best show they put on all holiday. Topped off with a small win in the casino!

Unfortunately a week into the holiday I picked up a bug so have been coughing, having headaches, temperature issues and a partial cold for the whole of the second week, plus the weather wasn't as great as it could have been - only 8-9 days of proper sun, and a lot of wind and cloud cover the rest of the time.

I spent my days where possible outside, relaxing, and the nights out in restaurants and watching shows. Chatted to loads of people around the pool, and if I had a pound for everyone that tells me I'm brave to go away by myself I would have made a small fortune!  Even took part in darts, french boules and archery over the course of the holiday.

I did find it amusing that my room was on the side of the hotel that led me to continually walk past the book swap shelf and not the casino, so I may have looked multiple times a day to see what was on the shelf, mainly books that didn't interest me or in foreign languages but still amused me!

On the plus side I did get to read a lot of books, but not all the paperbacks I took purely as once I started feeling ill, I know I'm better reading on my kindle as technology always makes me feel better!

Whereas at this point I normally give you mini reviews of the books I read, due to my new bluetooth kindle, I have full length reviews written than just need prepping and will appear over the coming months - as I am worried about how much blog content I will be producing once I start working again on Tuesday-  my plan is to run 2 of these holiday reviews each week, until I run out, making sure I definitely can take the pressure of myself a bit for a few months.

There are 30 books that I read, all really great ones, and I look forward to sharing them all with you over the next 3-4 months! Think I will leave the full list as a surprise, but  I will make them clear they were holiday reads in the post title.

All that is left to say is Happy New Year to you all, and that I hope 2018 brings you all some magnificent books. I can't wait to get stuck into them myself.


  1. Glad you came back refreshed despite getting a cold and Happy New Year!

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your cold, but I'm glad you had time to relax! <3 And your room location sounds perfect! :)

  3. Lovely post and photo. Happy New Year Rachel xx


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