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Book Review - The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #89

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Title: The Brightest Star In The Sky
Author: Marian Keyes
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 3rd February 2011
Rating: 4 Stars

'June the first, a bright summer's evening, a Monday . . .'

And into the busy, bustling homes at 66 Star Street slips, unseen, a mysterious visitor. As the couples, flatmates and repentant singletons of No. 66 fall in and out of love, clutch at and drop secrets, laugh, cry and simply try to live, no one suspects the visitor patiently waiting in the wings. For soon, as the light slowly fades to dark, everything is going to change . . .

It has been a while since I last read a book by Marian Keyes, so I really wasn't sure what to expect from this one. Since I was reading on my kindle I initially didn't quite realise just how long it was.  For at 640 pages it is certainly one of the longest books I have read in a long while. 

Despite the length my attention was caught pretty much from the beginning where the book started on Day 61 and counted down to Day 0 - so the whole story took place over the course of two months and it featured the lives of everyone living at No. 66 Star Street. 

It is a large mix of people and their circumstances were all really different, it is always fascinating to see what goes on behind closed doors in numerous residences at the same time.  Also curious to see just how their lives all intersected.  

But what captured my interest the most, and what kept me reading and reading to find out more, was just what the omniscient voice was - was it a ghost, a spirit, a figment of someone's imagination, a fly on the wall or all of that and more? 

This is a rather clever book that at times will make you laugh, and at others make you want to cry. However  of the books I have read by this talented author, it is still the books in the Walsh Family series that are my favourites. 

There was just too much to this one, some of the characters took me absolutely ages to warm to, and with the viewpoints changing rapidly I'm just impressed I didn't tend to get them confused as they all had distinct personalities and voices. 

Thank you to everyone that voted for this two weeks ago, I'm glad that I read the book just wish it hadn't taken me over 3 days to do so, when I have a massive review stack waiting for me anyway.  Ah well, hopefully you will pick me something as enjoyable but more manageable in length this week. 

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