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Book Review - I'm Dreaming of a Wilde Summer by Rhona T.Pinkleton - Bookish World Cup - Mexico

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Title: I'm Dreaming of a Wilde Summer
Author: Rhona T. Pinkleton
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 11th January 2014
Rating: 4 Star

The comedy adventures of Jack, Harry and Gladys Wilde continue in this eagerly awaited sequel to I'm Dreaming of a Wilde Christmas.

Jack and Gladys are having a rocky ride with their relationship and things only get worse when Gladys announces that she is going on holiday with her best friend Wendy.

With Jack downtrodden, his best friend Harry decides that they too should have a holiday and so books a trip to Acapulco. 

The vacation begins badly for Jack: He clumsily spills red wine over himself, only to find that he has picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport and the case contains nothing but women's clothing and a blonde wig.

Harry stubbornly refuses to lend Jack any clothes, and with no shops open, he manages to talk Jack into dressing up as a woman in order for them to go out to eat. 

But things are about to get worse when, at the restaurant, they bump into Gladys and Wendy. Jack quickly hides his face behind a handheld fan and Harry introduces him as his girlfriend Jacqueline. 

The following morning, Harry convinces Jack that he should remain a woman for the rest of the vacation so that they can keep an eye out on Gladys. They go out shopping for the very best makeovers and designer clothes – but they are foolishly using cash found bundled in the ‘new’ suitcase, unaware that it is laundered drug money. 

Soon Jack is transformed into the glamorous Jacqueline and so, with Gladys believing she has found a new friend in Jacqueline (and a drug dealer anxious to retrieve the suitcase), Jack, Harry and Gladys begin a holiday adventure they will never forget.

Depending on your sense of humour this is either a laugh a minute book or a roll your eyes groaning every minute sort of book.  There is masses of great banter that goes off at a million tangents, and once you get accustomed to it, is actually really clever. 

I didn't particularly laugh reading this but I was amused by the whole story, especially the solution to Jack's case not turning up in Acapulco which has inventive and fabulous.  

There isn't too much description of Acapulco but rather the mickey is taken out of Mexicans and Spanish a lot, although it may have been nice to get a better idea where most of the book was set. 

Two sets of best friends are on holiday in Mexico, they happen to both be in the same resort, despite booking separately and Jack and Gladys are a couple, albeit a rather rocky one.   Jack doesn't want Gladys to know he is there too, and the assorted situations all 4 of them find themselves in go from the bizarre to the ridiculous. 

What I will say is this is a wonderfully light hearted story, it is easy to read, its highly entertaining, and I suspect that if I read the next book in the series I may enjoy it even more as I would be accustomed to the writing style. 

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