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Book Review - Summer Dreams at Villa Limoncello by Daisy James

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Title: Summer Dreams at Villa Limoncello
Author: Daisy James
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Canelo
Publication Date:  13th June 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Escape to Villa Limoncello… where dreams come true in the most unexpected ways.
Izzie Jenkins never expected to find herself living in a gorgeous oasis in Tuscany but when life gives you Villa Limoncello you say thank you and bake treats to celebrate!

Izzie and debonair chef Luca Castelotti are officially setting up shop together but when their inaugural ‘Pasta and Painting’ venture is sabotaged and one of their guests poisoned they’re forced to turn detective. Because if they can’t find the culprit, they’ll be out of business before they’ve even begun...

How wonderful it was to be back at the Villa Limoncello, only a few weeks after the previous book ends.  Izzie and Luca are embarking on their first week long course to help make the Villa profitable, and the course featured in this book is Painting and Pasta. 

So expect even more delicious sounding Italian food descriptions, which Daisy James is so good at.  There are even recipes at the back for if you are inspired to try out the various pasta's yourself. 

Believe it or not though at the heart of this book is a mystery, that had me stumped, after all there are 4 all equally likely culprits,  as to who caused Carmen's "food poisoning".   I loved seeing how Izzie and Luca tried to turn into amateur detectives - what can I say about that to them, other than don't give up your day jobs! 

As we get to know Carmen and her friends, it is clear Carmen isn't portrayed as the most likeable of people, although she grew on me towards the end,  but to think that one of her close friends or colleagues had deliberately made her ill, well I can see why all of them would want to. 

As we get to know Tom. Beth, Zara and Hannah we discover just what each of them is hiding, and how as a group none of them seem to know about the other's problems. 

There is just so much to love about this book and series, that I would urge you to read them yourself and discover their goodness for yourself.  This is a wonderful summer holiday read, it will transport you to the heat of Tuscany, tantalise your taste-buds, inspire your creativity with the painting suspects, and there is even a bit of local sight seeing too.

I can't wait to see what will happen in the next book in the series, as Villa Limoncello and its characters has found a firm place in my heart. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Canelo for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily, 

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  1. Wow, thanks so much, Rachel, for your fabulous review! So pleased you enjoyed your return trip to Tuscany & spending some time with Luca and Izzie! Love Daisy xx


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