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Book Review - Beneath the Surface by Heidi Perks

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Title: Beneath the Surface
Author: Heidi Perks
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: RedDoor Publishing
Publication Date: 24th March 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

I donʼt know where you are… 
I donʼt know what Iʼve done… 
Teenager Abigail Ryder is devastated when she gets home from school to find her family gone. 
Nothing makes sense. Things are missing from the house and her stepsistersʼ room is completely empty. But the police think sheʼs trouble, and when grandmother Eleanor tells her to forget them all and move on, thereʼs no choice other than face the future – alone. 
Fourteen years on, Abi and Adam are a happy couple on the verge of parenthood. But when the past comes back to haunt Abi, the only way forward is to go back and uncover the truth – and reveal the dreadful secrets a mother has been hiding all these years.

What sort of mother could possibly disappear one day, taking her twin toddler daughters with her, but leaving behind her teenager? What sort of grandmother tells the teenager to forget about her family and just to move on with life? And how does the teenager ever rebuild her life. 14 years later everything for this family is about to unravel and its a fascinating journey to discover the truth behind that day. 

Well that is what happened to Abigail and the chapters focusing on her story, are written as letters from Abigail to the lost love of her life, as she tries therapy and attempts to get to the bottom at last of what happened when she was younger. 

Then there is Kathryn who is the mother in question, and she has a questionable personality. As we learn about her childhood, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her in places, but yet as an adult I really disliked her. And Kathryn's mother Eleanor is just trouble. She is a woman whose top priority appears to be appearances and what other people would think. 

And then there are the twins, who are definitely the innocent party in all that went on in the past, but its interesting to see how those events have shaped them as teenagers, and just what sort of parent Kathryn has become. 

I was intrigued by the start as like Abigail I was wanting answers as to who could do that to her. I found the book gripped me early on so that I had no idea where abouts on my commute I was, and then as it proceeded I was loving the various twists, turns and secrets that were unveiled. This kept me on my toes and made me want to continue to turn the pages until I ran out of them. 

I found all the characters individually came across very realistically, but the storyline itself could be regarded as a bit far fetched, however when its that interesting, I don't really mind.  Beneath the Surface is an impressive debut novel, and one that I am very glad was brought to my attention. 

Thank you to Heidi Perks for supplying this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

Happy Publication day to Heidi. Beneath the Surface is out today. 

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