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Book Review - Cora's Christmas Kiss by Alison May - RNA Awards Week

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Title: Cora's Christmas Kiss
Author: Alison May
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Choc Lit Lite
Publication Date: 4th December 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

Can you expect a perfect Christmas after the year from hell? 
Cora and Liam have both experienced horrible years that have led them to the same unlikely place – spending December working in the Grotto at Golding’s department store. 
Under the cover of a Father Christmas fat suit and an extremely unflattering reindeer costume, they find comfort in sharing their tales of woe during their bleak staffroom lunch breaks. 
But is their new-found friendship just for Christmas? Or have they created something deeper, something that could carry them through to a hopeful new year? 

There is a small part of me that can't quite believe that I voluntarily read a Christmas book in February, but I am so glad that I did as Cora's Christmas Kiss is fantastic, and not too Christmasy. 

Obviously it is festive, in that the majority of it is Father Christmas and Rudolph talking on their lunch breaks while working in a grotto in the run up to Christmas. But its what Father Christmas and Rudolph are talking about that is the majority of the story, as two complete strangers tell each other about their "friends" unusual years. 

The story is split up into months as we get both Father Christmas and the reindeer alternating the tellings of their story, and what is great for the reader to see is just how close they had come to meeting a few times, without realising. It was as though it was fated for them to eventually meet. 

Over the course of the month of December they build up a friendship while still hiding behind their character masks, but its whether anything will happen once the season ends. 

I loved hearing about both of their stories, and wow they couldn't have been more different in terms of fortunes, although neither has had an easy time of it. 

I found the writing very warm and gave took me right into the heart of the story. I am really enjoying the Christmas Kiss series by Alison May, and I can assure you they are easily standalone books. Although there are some familiar characters from the first, but not in vital roles. 

Cora's Christmas Kiss will warm you up and make you want it to be Christmas just to get that feeling of goodwill back, that seems to be lost the rest of the year. 

Congratulations to Alison May on her nomination for the RoNA Rose Award. Which of these books did you love? Which do you think should win the award?

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