Sunday, 27 March 2016

Guest Post - From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan

Happy Easter everyone! I have a special treat for you all today, my queen of the romantic trilogy Sarah Morgan, has a guest post for you all to enjoy.

Sleepless in Manhattan
The first book in Sarah Morgan’s brand new 
From Manhattan with Love series!

SLEEPLESS IN MANHATTAN is the first book in a trilogy about three best friends. Paige, Frankie and Eva work together for an events company in Manhattan. Life seems to be going their way - until the day they lose their jobs. With no warning, they’re out of work. Reeling with shock, they look for a solution and decide they’re not going to put their future in anyone else’s hands again. They each have their own specific talents, so they decide to combine them and form their own company, Urban Genie (‘your wish is our command’) offering event and concierge services for people who are cash rich and time poor. As they tackle this new challenge, the three friends discover that sometimes the worst thing that happens to you can turn out to be the best…!

I absolutely adored writing this series – New York is one of my favourite places in the world, I love how energetic, romantic and iconic it is, and I’m so excited to be writing a whole trilogy set there! So I did a lot of research. By which I mean I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (obviously!), Instagram (of course!) and even had a ‘research’ trip to New York in the summer. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it…! 

Each book follows one of the girls as they work through setting up Urban Genie and navigate life in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. And of course it wouldn’t be a true New York fairy tale if there wasn’t a little falling in love along the way!

In Sleepless in Manhattan we meet Paige – cool, competent, brave and completely hung up on Jake Romano, her brother Matt’s best friend. Paige and Jake met when they were teenagers and she immediately fell for his rough exterior and hidden nurturing side. Now both adults and forced to work together on setting up Urban Genie, Paige and Matt can barely stop the attraction from flowing between them  - it is positively electric! 

Sunset in Central Park is out in July and features tough cookie Frankie and Paige’s brother Matt. Frankie has dealt with her mother’s rollercoaster romances all her life and it’s made her quite reluctant to love. Matt has always been the only man she feels she can trust – but he’s always wanted more. I can’t wait for you to see how their story develops on top of gorgeous New York rooftops. It’s seriously romantic!

And speaking of romantic, bubbly and ever the optimist Eva rounds out our trio of Manhattan girls. She’s the best friend who is always there to cheer you up, bring over some ice cream, and force you to watch your favourite romcom until the tears subside. She knows true love exists – but it is taking its sweet time to find her! In Miracle on 5th Avenue, Eva meets surly-yet gorgeous Lucas in what is a true holiday romance.

I really hope you enjoy this new trilogy! For all your New York inspiration, visit my Pinterest and Instagram pages. And don’t forget your copy of Sleepless in Manhattan, out now!

Thank you so much for coming over to Rachel's Random Reads today Sarah, I absolutely loved Sleepless in Mahattan and this is just making me very excited for the next books in the series. I am of course completely envious of your research trip, and if you ever need an assistant on a future trip, I would like to volunteer my services.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter, and doesn't get too ill from all the chocolate! 

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