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Guest Post & Giveaway - What's Wrong With Chick Lit? by Rosa Temple

My first full length novel, Natalie's Getting Married, falls right down the middle of the  Chick-Lit and Romantic Comedy genres. Once I'd discovered my writer's voice, I've really enjoyed coming up with new stories using both of these genres as I develop my own style. 

As a writer new to Chick-Lit, I was shocked and annoyed at what a bad press this genre seems to have gotten in some places. Only recently I read an article by someone who says: “Terms like “chick lit” are obviously degrading...”  

I was fuming at that statement but read on anyway. Basically the article was in praise of writers like Jodi Picoult, whose fiction novels cover several topics, some to do with love and romance, though none that could typically be called Chick-Lit. But, as it seems, people like Amazon and the press lump her titles into Chick-Lit because it was written by a woman! 

I'm happy for people like Jodi Picoult to want to disassociate themselves from my genre if it's not what she writes, but I do resent being looked down on because I read and write Chick-Lit! It's a valid genre loved and enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life, all over the world.  

So what makes a book Chick-Lit?

For me, it's a story that is told in a lighter fashion to the literary novels like The Tea Planter's Wife or The Husband's Secret. Chick-Lit can have elements of comedy thrown in but mainly revolve around the journey of a woman. She can come in many shapes and sizes, from anywhere in the world and her journey sees her transform and learn something along the way.

While I admit I have read a lot of Chick-Lit lit doozers (and by that I mean badly written books), I have read an awful lot which were quite brilliant, inspiring and took me out of my everyday world while I was engrossed in the pages.

Who could have a problem with that?

You only have to look at the number of people buying Chick-Lit and buying to an extent that it tops bestseller lists with titles that have formed the launch pad for loads of blockbuster films! You can't look down your nose at that, surely?

But I do have a gripe about the so-called big boys, like Amazon (and I guess this is the same gripe writers like Jodi Picoult have), is that they are pretty slack when it comes to what they throw at you when you search for a particular type of book. As a proud writer of Chick-Lit I don't want my book to appear anywhere other than where I want it to appear – with all the other Chick-Lit. You see, whenever I click on the search button for my next Chick-Lit fix, I get a bombardment of erotica and steamy romances with photos of naked torsos on the cover added to the mix! 

Does that annoy you, too?

As a writer I put my trust in people like Amazon to place my book where it will be noticed by people who want to read my genre. I'm not happy that they assume that because women in the main read Chick-Lit and women, in the main, read erotica, that it's okay to lump us all into one group. Like we don't have a brain and we can't decide for ourselves what we want to read.

If I ask for Chick-Lit, I want Chick-Lit. Not a girl riding naked on a horse with a handsome man before they end up in a hayloft for a torrid love making scene and then he rides off for his next conquest. Sex in Chick-Lit is part of the story (if there are any lovemaking scenes) but not what the story is about. 

At the moment, Amazon is the only place you can pick up a copy of Natalie's Getting Married. I promise I have selected for it to be found under Chick-Lit, so if you did fancy reading it, you'll know where to find it. But I apologise in advance if the search brings up a few heaving bosoms and six pack abs. I do promise that within the pages of Natalie's Getting Married, the romance is sweet and fun when it isn't being heart wrenching or sad. The sex is hot but underplayed and definitely not gratuitous.

So how about you? What does Chick-Lit mean to you and what great titles would you recommend for me to add to my Chick-Lit To Be Read list for 2016?

About Rosa Temple

Rosa Temple began writing romantic comedies and chick lit because of her passion for what she calls the 'early chick lit films', like: Sabrina, Barefoot In the Park and Breakfast at Tiffany's. She honed her skills as a ghost writer, gaining experience writing romantic novellas, both sweet and on the slightly steamy side. In her notebooks, she constantly jotted down story ideas of her own and she eventually completed her first novella Sleeping With Your Best Friend and now, the full length novel, Natalie's Getting Married.

Rosa Temple is a Londoner and is married with two sons. She is a reluctant keep fit fanatic and doer of housework and insists that writing keeps her away from such strenuous tasks. She spends her days creating characters and story lines while drinking herbal tea and eating chocolate biscuits. 

To find out more about Rosa and to catch up on all her musings please join her here on Rosa Temple Writes...

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Giveaway to win 5 x E-copies of Natalie's Getting Married by Rosa Temple (Open Internationally)

Rosa Temple has given me 5 e-copies of Natalie's Getting Married to giveaway to some lucky winners. 

Giveaway open internationally, all options are voluntary, but please do what they ask, as I will be verifying the winner. Giveaway closes 23:59 22/3/2016. Winner will be announced on twitter and emailed, and they will need to reply within 7 days, or forfeit the prize, and I will re-draw for a new winner.  Good luck everyone.

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Thank you so much Rosa Temple for this fabulous guest post. My personal recommendation to you for more chick lit to read, would be to follow my blog, as I would like to think I'll find some great books over the next few months.  Thank you too for this wonderful giveaway, and I wish everyone taking part a lot of luck. Can't wait to see all your comments for Rosa.


  1. I agree with the erotica and steamy sex that is classed as chick lit. I'm not great at reading things like that. I never thought I was a prude bit do get embarrassed. I like the sound of your book.

  2. Sounds like a fab read. And I totally agreed - I love to read chick-lit.

  3. I say chick lit is light hearted and an easy read. I think Sarah Morgan is good at chick lit books and hers are always a good read.

  4. I love chicklit and any thing by Chrissie Mamby or Fiona Gibson gets my vote.Also love Kate McCabe books set in Spain xx

  5. I hate the term chicklit because it implies that we are limited in our reading material to stuff written specifically for women. I dont know any specific chicklit authors - I know some great writers

  6. It means getting lost in that charachters story, wanting to turn the page to see what happens next because you care. I think anything by Jill Mansell be a good book to read

  7. Chilit for me is womanhood and romancelike Bright Jones diary.


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