Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Guest Post - Welcome to Lower Nutton by Wendy Lou Jones

Welcome to the village of Lower Nutton, a sleepy little village tucked away in the heart of the English countryside, where tradition and neighbours still roam. 

It’s the setting for a new series of books, all in the same neighbourhood, each book telling of a different set of characters and the problems they face.

In the first book, Finding Sarah, we meet Sarah Hughes, a 38 year old woman, recently separated. She has moved into the village, to a little run down terraced cottage, to lick her wounds and start again. She is vulnerable and low and retreats into her shell for a while, but the practicalities of life and needing to earn some money, lead her to a large house on Nutt Hill where she meets the marvellous Margaret Pemberton. 

Maggie is in a wheelchair after a riding accident years before. She is wealthy and a fan of romantic fiction and it is their friendship that pulls Sarah back into the world as Maggie slowly nurtures her and encourages her to move on. But when that day does happen, Sarah learns that being part of a close-knit community means dealing with other people’s issues as well as her own.

This book was my second; written years before I was first published and then buried in an unmarked grave at midnight. And quite right too! But something about it refused to settle and over the past couple of years it has been exhumed and thoroughly rewritten to within an inch of its life. 

I love this story, but I can see now why it was never accepted before. Fortunately, time is a great teacher and I promise it’s far more readable now! I am so pleased with my cover too. I feel the romantic English rose encapsulates my series (Yes, I am pretty certain this is a peony too, but it just fitted so well, so you’ll have to forgive me; the others are roses, promise!) 

I am currently resurrecting the second story and look forward to bringing you more tales in the future. All together, they are called: The Echoes of Nutt Hill. 

It must have been Fate calling her to Nutt Hill...

Sarah is starting over. With her children now grown and an empty marriage bed, she picks herself up and moves to the village of Lower Nutton. But a wager turns her head and a kiss in a storm wakens feelings long ago forgotten and the game is on to find out who the man could be. 

Nick has found control, hiding from life in a sleepy rural village, until Sarah arrives on the scene and his sterile cocoon begins to shatter. 

She is the flotsam of a broken marriage; he is a man of the cloth and in a small rural village, nothing stays private for long...

About Wendy Lou Jones
Wendy Lou Jones was born in West Sussex, England, where she enjoyed a happy childhood filled with guinea pigs and fun. Later, she moved to Birmingham to study Medicine at University and was lucky enough to meet her husband. They now live in a little village in Herefordshire with their two grubby boys and some fish.

She discovered her love of writing not long after her youngest son started school. And if you were to ask her what it was that made her make the switch, she’d tell you quite simply that it started with a dream.


Thank you Wendy, for introducing us to Lower Nutton. It sounds like a lovely setting for your new series. 


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