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Guest Post - Dreya Wharry's Top Five Kitesurfing Spots - Blog Tour

1. West coast of Oz – I’ve had great times there, it’s warm and the wind is amazing, it’s like clockwork . It’s called the freemantle doctor and is such a friendly wind to sail and learn new tricks in. The whole coast is fantastic with waves and flat spots galore but my favourite place would probably be Lancelin

2. My home spot Watergate Bay Cornwall as it had an emotional connection for me. I learnt to kite as well as surf here I even got married here! It is one of the most stunning beaches I have been on and the sailing is always fun and challenging.

3. Lecaute France - as it was the first competition I went to , not ideal to learn at as the wind tends be offshore but this makes it perfect for speed racing as the water is smooth. As a result this is where Henry and I decided Kaye should brake her record in Beyond the Surf. 

4. Caberete Dominican Republic. I’ve had so many good times here and, again, the wind is great and regular too, as well as warm and sunny. The less said the better about the rum and atmosphere!

5. Tarifa Spain. I spend a lot of time here because you get a lot of time on the water. Tarifa is ranked as one of the windiest spots in Europe! This means it can be extremely windy 35knts + when the levenete blows which isn't always fun! But it’s as much about the lifestyle too; warm, weather, the great friends we meet and of course, tapas and red wine.  

x dreya 

Amazon UK
A young woman’s dream. 
A mercenary tycoon seizing the opportunity. 
Islands ripe with potential. 
…. All in the throes of coming of age through political unrest ……. 

Kayte King lives to kitesurf. Financially broke in her windless hometown, Kayte’s spirits sink to all new levels. When an all-expenses paid invite to The Martinez Islands presents itself, to promote tourism with the potential to break her current world record — a once in lifetime opportunity — Kayte grabs it. 

Accompanied by her boyfriend, Steve, she travels to the islands with high hopes and expectations. They link up with their American counterparts and form the kitesurfing group that will attract tourism the islands desperately need. 

Mercenary leader, Roger MacGill, brought in to eliminate anarchy, is tasked with the formation and training of a local police force. Stability temporarily subdued, MacGill has capitalised on the island’s beauty and invests in its modernisation. But, MacGill is now dangerously low on funds and desperate to see returns on his investment. 

The kitesurfing contingency’s arrival rocks local interest. Fascinated by the kites, yet wary of foreigners, their apprehension bubbles to the surface. Storm clouds gather. The political unrest that follows, threatens to shatter all their dreams.

About the author: 

Henry Neild divides his time living  in a small village outside Winchester and a coastal retreat in southern France. Leaving school age 16 Henry worked in the film industry as a freelance location manager and later turned his hand to music videos for bands including; Oasis, Moby and Pulp. Returning to college he studied Agricultural Business and Finance which took him to work in Africa. He went on to become a rural property developer and wine exporter before setting up web-based conduit for commercial property owners and filmmakers in the UK. He has previously written scripts for Sky Travel and Fierce Vision as well as articles for magazines including; Hampshire Life, Flybe and Society. Henry’s interests include walking with his Patterdale terrier, Mister Bonaparte, gardening, cooking and horse racing, he is also a keen tennis player and ocean swimmer. 

For more information please visit or follow him on Twitter @hwneild

Thanks for those locations Dreya. They all sound great and if I ever had the guts to try kitesurfing, then I think it would have to be in Cabrete, on a nice relaxing holiday in the Dominican Republic.

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  1. Wind surfing is something my husband has always wanted to do. I like the sound of this book.


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