Friday 31 July 2015

Book Review - I Don't Want To Talk About It by Jane Lovering

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Title: I Don't Want to Talk About It
Author: Jane Lovering
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Choc Lit
Publication Date: 31st July 2015
Rating: 4.5 Stars

What if the one person you wanted to talk to wouldn’t listen? 

Winter Gregory and her twin sister Daisy live oceans apart but they still have the ‘twin thing’ going on. Daisy is Winter’s port in the storm, the first person she calls when things go wrong … 

And things are wrong. Winter has travelled to a remote Yorkshire village to write her new book, and to escape her ex-boyfriend Dan Bekener. Dan never liked her reliance on Daisy and made her choose – but Winter’s twin will always be her first choice. 

She soon finds herself immersed in village life after meeting the troubled Hill family; horse-loving eight-year-old Scarlet and damaged, yet temptingly gorgeous, Alex. The distraction is welcome and, when Winter needs to talk, Daisy is always there. 

But Dan can’t stay away and remains intent on driving the sisters apart – because Dan knows something about Daisy… 

I sort of wish I had started to write this review before I had finished this book, purely because after something has been revealed towards the end, it is making me not be sure of the exact words or what to say about things leading up to that point. I had a weird suspicion about something throughout the book, and I was in this instance correct about it, but even if you do make a similar prediction, I don't think it will detract from your enjoyment of this book. 

This is another incredibly well thought out and written book by Jane Lovering, who has a tendency to focus on tricky emotional issues, in this case grief and also Alex suffers from a stammer. These issues are dealt, with in just the right way. You are aware of them and they seem very realistic, but not over exaggerated as can happen in books. 

Winter has moved to a small Yorkshire village, to continue writing her new book about graveyards the the people that are buried in them, and their stories. She soon meets Scarlet, a horse mad eight year old, who along with her uncle Alex and his mother, seem to be getting under Winter's skin, despite her obviously preferring to be left alone to write. 

Winter has also recently broken up with her boyfriend Dan, who also happens to be her editor. Through a series of Facebook messages, tweets and emails, you get to see Dan's thoughts about Winter, as well his correspondence to other people, mainly on the subject of Winter. 

Winter has a very close relationship with her twin sister Daisy as you may expect. Despite Daisy working in Australia, she and Winter speak very regularly, with Daisy offering various pieces of advice to Winter. 

I found this book to be a sweet romance, as well as it having some lovely friendships. I thought I Don't Want to Talk About It was an interesting and tender piece of  writing, that was enjoyable to read. 

Thank you so much to Choc Lit and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

Happy Publication Day to Jane Lovering. I Don't Want to Talk About It is out today. 

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