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Book Review - The Cornish Affair by Laura Lockington - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #38

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Title: The Cornish Affair
Author: Laura Lockington
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Publication Date: 8th January 2014
Rating: 4 Stars

Fin thinks she's finished with love.

A dedicated food lover, she potters around her country kitchen with Nelson the bad tempered parrot, Baxter the dog and her delightfully vague Aunt, Nancy. 

Her days are spent creating ambitious recipes and gazing out onto the Cornish coast from her cliff top home - The House of Dolphins.

But this summer something is about to change. 

At the annual Port Charles beach party the glamorous TV chef Oliver Dean is making an appearance

Rich, worldly, and successful he couldn't be more different from Fin.

And yet sometimes opposites attract. 

And suddenly Fin realises that romance is on the menu.

But does she still know the ingredients for a a 'Cornish Affair'? 

Or is this a recipe for heartbreak? 

There are some incredibly interesting characters featuring this in book, from Fin who the story revolves around, who can describe the weather in soup flavours, to Martha a food historian who is full of interesting facts about food, although she does try to serve medieval fare to people, and then there is the TV Chef Oliver Dean, who certainly knows his food. 

Obviously the common theme from all my favourite characters is that they love food, and since Fin creates the recipes involved in ready meals, there is a fair amount of food talk and recipe testing going on, all of which made me quite hungry. 

This is set to the backdrop of Port Charles a small cornish town, and Fin's stunning cliff top house, which is known as The House of Dolphins. Fin lives there with her aunt Nancy, who is another great character and full of spark, her dog Baxter who really doesn't seem to like her parrot Nelson. 

Nelson is brilliant, he managed to pick the most inappropriate things to repeat, and generally seems to be quite a clever bird. 

It's not just all food and animals though, and the middle of the book really ramps up the drama of the story, and feels like it is based on real recurring events, which makes it all the more upsetting in some respects. 

There is romance too, from the almost mail order bride, to talk of arranged marriages, the older generation flirting, and of course whether Fin herself will find love or not. 

I found The Cornish Affair to be a pleasant story, by an author that I have enjoyed previously, that I did enjoy reading. 

Thank you to everyone that voted for this last week, it was a lovely way to spend some of my free time, absorbed in Cornish village story. I really hope you all pick something else that is brilliant for me this week. 

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  1. Oh glad you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it as my mother lived in Cornwall and I know it quite well... made me quite hungry writing it! Laura X


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