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Book Review - Google Your Husband Back by Julie Butterfield

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Title: Google Your Husband Back
Author: Julie Butterfield
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 21st June 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Kate has the perfect marriage, a handsome husband and a beautiful new baby - so she is more than a little surprised when one Monday morning Alex announces that he’s leaving. Shocked and distressed at both his absence and his silence, Kate turns to Google for some answers. Why has her husband left and more to the point what can she do to make him come home? Together with her faithful friend Fiona they come up with a strategy to persuade her errant husband to see the light and return to his loving wife. Unfortunately for Kate, even Google doesn’t have all the answers

The idea behind Google Your Husband Back is brilliant, in that after your husband suddenly announces he is leaving you and your 9 month old baby, that you can use google and what the internet advises to work on strategies to get him to come back to you, and to understand all the various reasons why a husband could suddenly do such a thing. 

That is certainly what happened in Kate's case, and for large amounts of the book I wanted to throttle her, she was upset, whiny, unable to see reason and very happy to blame herself that her husband had cheated on her. And yet despite the infidelity she was determined that she wanted him back at all costs. 

So she and her best friend Fiona come up with a plan of action based on Google, relying on it to guide them in all manner of decisions to how often to call the man, what to wear, to get new hobbies etc... all to get Alex back. 

As Kate is though reminiscing about her marriage it becomes very obvious to the reader that she lives in a permanent world of rose tinted glasses, given she views her marriage as perfect and yet I hope I won't be alone in seeing that things may not be at all what they seemed, to the extent that I really started to despise her husband, before he was even a particularly active character. 

In fact the main character that I really enjoyed reading was Kate's mum who is a font of all wisdom and also Fiona, the best friend who talks a lot of sense, but also just wants Kate to be happy. 

Most of the book is quite amusing and even though I had a prediction on the outcome and truly hoped I would be correct about it, with Kate's sheer determinedness about getting her husband back I had to wonder just which way it would end up. 

Thankfully there is some character development and I grew to like Kate a lot more in the second half of the book as the story progressed, and it suddenly became a good story that I was really enjoying. 

Thank you Julie Butterfield for this review copy. This was my honest opinion.

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