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Book Review - The Empire State Cat's Christmas Gift by Nic Tatano - #CuteChristmas

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Title:  The Empire State Cat's Christmas Gift
Author: Nic Tatano
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 4th November 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

The purrfect gift this Christmas…

The night her house catches fire, kick-ass lawyer Tish McKenna’s neatly ordered life is thrown into chaos. At least she’s alive—thanks to her adorable cat, Socks!—and after her near-death experience Tish realises she wants more in her life than late nights and case files…

Professionally speaking, hot-shot attorney, Spencer Capshaw hadn’t realised how far off track he’d come. Sure, he had his reasons originally—saving his dad’s life required more money than the DA’s office paid him—yet helping corrupt corporate bigwigs was not why he became a lawyer…

With a little help from a furry friend, these two lost souls find each other in the heart of Manhattan. But when Tish and Spence are pitted against each other in a trial that pushes them both to their limits, can their budding relationship survive?

Nic Tatano is fast becoming my go to author for fabulous romances, and this is no exception. The Empire State Cat's Christmas Gift is a purrfect example of a fabulous book, filled with laughs and probably one of my most liked couples this year. I am left with a great sadness that the book had to come to an end, but equally I can't quite believe how fast I read it. 

There have been moments while enjoying the story where I was laughing out loud, as some of the funny moments just caught me, and other points on my commute, I was looking around in shock that I had hit my station and had better get off before it was too late, as I wasn't aware of any of my surroundings, I was so engrossed in finding out how the story would turn out. 

Socks is the cat in question in this book, the second of Nic Tatano's cat books, and is from the same litter of kittens that featured in The Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club. You don't need to have read that book first, as they can both be enjoyed as stand alones, with completely different romances at the heart of each. 

Socks is undoubtedly a hero, as without him, it would have been a tragic story and ended very soon, for within the first couple of pages he saves his person's Tish's life, and ends up all over the media and a fund raising magnet. Socks also plays his part in getting Tish her man. 

Tish is a top lawyer, who is incredibly smart and has one really big case to try and win before Christmas, that is causing her a lot of stress. She sees a "white knight" of a man in a restaurant and decides she wants to track him down, as he is gorgeous, and very much her type.  

Spence is checking out the new judge in town, when he first sees Tish, doing her thing in court, and becomes smitten easily. She is everything he tends to go for in a woman, but he isn't sure how to approach her. 

As the pair become incredibly close, there is the big trial that is threatening to cause a huge rift in their relationship. Throughout the book, this one case is explained in laymans terms, and I will admit that watching Tish in court was brilliant. If I ever need a lawyer I would want her to represent me. It is a real David vs Goliath sort of case, and was very interesting to see just how the lawyers were dealing with it. 

It is though the romance that I of course enjoyed the most, well apart from any scene involving Socks, and the drink vendor Bennie outside the Empire State Building who is a wonderful chap, and just wants to get his two regular customers together. Spence and Tish are both have quite old fashioned values when it comes to dating, and I really enjoyed their first evening date. It was far more imaginative than I would have thought of, entertaining, and magical. 

With a combination of a cute cat, a very romantic man who is very charming, a strong confident woman, a group of hilarious friends, an air vent, a Christmas miracle, an intensive court battle which was enthralling, in addition to a great writing style and way of easily telling the story with good pacing, The Empire State Cat's Christmas Gift is a must read this festive period. 

Thank you so much to Harper Impulse and Netgalley for my copy of this book. This was my honest opinion. 

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