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Guest Post - How To Keep Calm During Christmas by Vimla Lalvani - 12 Days of Clink Street Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time when family and friends come together to celebrate.  It is incredibly busy and stressful but there is a simple solution to coping with the stress.
The answer is Just Breathe.  Not ordinary breathing but breathing Yoga style, deep from the diaphragm.  Most people are breathing incorrectly, shallow and insipid with rounded shoulders.
Posture is vital and when you sit and stand tall, you are able to fill your lungs to their peak capacity.  

Whether you are standing, kneeling, or sitting, imagine that a string is pulling you upwards from the top of your head.  Push your shoulder blades down and lift the chest naturally.  When you are in perfect posture you will feel “centered”.  It is rather like placing building blocks on top of each other. If they are not evenly placed, they will come tumbling down.

Once you are in perfect posture, Inhale deeply from the nose, simultaneously pushing your stomach outwards .As you exhale contract the stomach muscles inwards.  This is the natural way to Breathe.  
If you watch babies or animals sleep, you will see that they always breathe from the diaphragm.
This action increases our lung capacity and more oxygen enters the blood stream.  This gives us increased energy and revitalizes and rejuvenates our cells.  We feel more invigorated and healthy. This also boosts the immune system in which every organ in the body is replenished with vital Prana or vital energy. 

Breathing deeply from the diaphragm also calms and soothes the nervous system.  The deeper you breathe the calmer the brain becomes, so you will be able to see things more clearly and make the right decisions.

Deep Breathing is a natural tranquilizer.  Use it as a tool to combat stress.  With continued practice it also trains and focuses your mind.  It is a prelude to learning the Art Of Meditation.
Do a quick test.  Place your hands on your lower stomach.  Begin to breathe deeply and evenly, like a wave in the sea only through the nose from the diaphragm. Do this for 10 counts and feel the difference!

Combining this practice with stretching exercises release the tension in the muscle groups.  In Yoga, we are twisting and turning in every direction and combined with correct breathing increases the circulation which awakens the body slowly.  When you are tense your muscles stiffen which makes you more prone to injuries.  It is always important to slowly warm up your body and avoid jarring movements.  

Stress also manifests in many modern ailments like Backache, Headaches and Insomnia to name just a few.  My book Real Yoga has simple and effective exercises to both combat stress and help with chronic pain.

Staying Calm during any stressful situation means changing your mindset towards specific activities.  If you see Christmas as a positive, loving time of the year rather than a stressful, dreaded time you will change your view on how to cope.  As a positive experience you will embrace the Spirit and Joy of what this means.   Gathering with family and relatives need not be full of depredation but a time to heal and forgive.  Change your thoughts- Change your life is my motto.

I encourage you to take up Yoga.  Not only will you be more positive in your attitude towards life, you will no longer experience mood swings or depression.  Yoga teaches the Art of Moderation. Only when your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies are unified, will you be totally balanced and in harmony with your environment and mankind.   You will see the world in a different light.  

Yoga philosophy teaches us that unless we are happy with ourselves, it is impossible to create loving relationships with anyone else.

When you treat yourself with love, honor, and respect, it has a magical alchemical effect on your body and your life.  Every cell records the positive energy you are sending to yourself.  It impacts on your DNA and changes, even deeply held beliefs and patterns.  This leads you to attract other high frequency people in to your life.  This keeps you happy and healthy and on the path towards your soul’s destiny.

Christmas is a Spiritual time no matter what religion you are.  Embrace the Spirit of Christmas and what it actually means to you.  

Real Yoga: A pure and simple journey

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The Queen of Yoga returns to de-mystify the spiritual practice and release it from ridiculous fads by exploring and explaining Yoga's ancient roots, promoting it’s application to modern living and how it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or ability. 

After training as a personal student of Yogic master B.K.S. Iyengar in India and practicing the traditional techniques for the past forty years, Vimla Lalvani is the living epitome of Real Yoga’s philosophy and it’s benefits. Featuring: • Realistic and detailed photo-illustrated, step-by-step guides to every yoga routine. • Introduction into yoga philosophy and it’s application into every day life. • Yoga sequences and asanas to help heal a range of specific illnesses and conditions. 

Real Yoga: A pure and simple journey provides an accessible foundation for anyone wishing to start the practice of yoga and hopes to encourage every individual to reap the benefits - from dealing with life’s stresses to feeling confident, positive and gaining a sense of empowerment - not to mention enjoying a happier and longer life.

About Vimla Lalvani

Splitting her time between London, Germany and Hawaii Vimla Lalvani has dedicated her life to teaching
people about the benefits of Yoga. Born in Hawaii she travelled to India after graduating and trained in the traditional practice
and was a personal student of the most influential figure in Yoga today -the master B.K.S. Iyengar and author of Light On Yoga.
One of the pioneers of bringing Yoga into the public eye Vimla has written eight books on Yoga which have been translated
into twenty languages, produced ten Yoga workout films and was the GMTV Yoga Guru. Vimla continues to lecture at 
conferences and seminars worldwide and hosts Yoga retreats in her native country of Hawaii and Kerala India. 

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