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Book Review - A Talent Show In Cornwall by Laura Briggs

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Title: A Talent Show in Cornwall
Author: Laura Briggs
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 7th March 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

When things fall into a rut in Ceffylgwyn, Julianne's friends Rosie and Lorrie find the answer in a talent show inspired by the upcoming auditions for the star-making reality program Fame Factor. When the number of secretly-aspiring stars from the surrounding villages proves bigger than any of them dreamed, the two of them quickly enlist Julianne's help with the project, so she calls upon the one person she can rely on to help them pull it off — her former assistant Kitty, now back in England and willing to use her skills to help organize a three-night event from a chaotic mess to a possible chance at stardom for the winning contestant.

Meanwhile, Gemma's broken heart and semi-abandoned novel manuscript have Julianne worried about her friend ... or make that two of them, when Michael the chef impulsively involves himself in the drama. Kitty's locked in conflict with her family,who have only just now learned about her engagement to Nathan a year ago. And a conviction that she's finally growing older and losing her youthful zeal has Julianne worried about her future as Cliffs House's enthusiastic event planner — and her attempts to recover a little of her old self sparks worries in Matt's mind in return. 

Will Julianne find the energy to fill the demanding role in life she's always loved? Will Kitty escape her mother's wrath — and Gemma escape deleting her life's secret ambition? Book Ten is full of romances, decisions, dreams, and surprises for Julianne, Matt, and all of their friends.

How can it be book 10 in this wonderful series already? I loved the talent show aspect of this book, with one round of auditions plus two main competition evenings, it was like a mini X-Factor although the judging was rather more private and nowhere near as caustic. 

With this book we get a few returning characters from earlier in the series, and it was really nice to catch up with some familiar faces.  However the biggest puzzle of all is what was going on with Julianne, who seemed to have lost her spark in this book. 

I had my suspicions weirdly before I even started reading as I was wondering if a character was going to have that as her next big story line, and lets just say my sneaking suspicion made more and more sense as I read the book which gave me a great sense of satisfaction. 

This book though isn't all about Julianne, it features other hints of romances for a few other characters, but it was the introduction of young Cliffs House worker who is normally very shy, and her story with the talent show that I really enjoyed. 

This is another great addition to this series and I'm already highly curious as to how the last two books will pan out. 

Thank you to Laura Briggs for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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