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Book Review - Did I Mention I Won The Lottery? by Julie Butterfield

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Title: Did I Mention I Won The Lottery?
Author: Julie Butterfield
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 8th June 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

Rebecca Miles has won the lottery and is now living a millionaire lifestyle. The only problem is – she hasn’t told her husband. So at weekends she’s a dutiful wife in Darlington, working at the local deli and making shepherd’s pie for dinner, but during the week she’s living in her new mansion in Leeds spending her days shopping whilst her husband thinks she’s looking after her sick mother. Will she get the courage to tell him before he finds out for himself? And can several million pounds in your bank account save a failing marriage?

This is the perfect book to cure a book hangover from a massively impressive psychological thriller, I am delighted to say.  I was unsure what to read next, but figured I would go for a complete opposite sort of read to the previous and it worked out for the best, as this was equally fabulous but in different ways! 

From the moments we first meet Rebecca and she is furtively trying to dampen down the excitement that she may possibly have won the lottery, if only she could be completely sure the ticket and the numbers are both for the same week.  Then her being amazed at being a solo winner that week, and how much she has won.   

I couldn't help but instantly love her, she is just a woman who is instantly likeable, unlike her husband Daniel.   I can't blame her for failing to mention to her husband that she had won, and I agreed that if you hadn't told hubby,then telling other family members would be poor form. 

So she is left to deal with become a millionaire overnight by herself with a whole range of consequences.  Let's just say that Rebecca is not your typical lottery winner, and the way she deals with everything is great.  

The whole way through though I wanted to beat the living daylights out of the dinosaur she is married too.  Daniel is an utter nightmare, belittling, bullying, and clearly just sees Rebecca as a cook. 

Completely unintentionally I read almost the whole book in one sitting, I don't even think I had been reading for that long but the percentage meter shot up. I was enjoying it so much.  

This is a very fun book to read,  and I couldn't help but applaud Rebecca by the end. I think I may be about to drop everything and read the sequel, as I need to see how her story progresses, plus to see if she has any money left! 

Thank you to Julie Butterfield for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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