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Book Review - The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans

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Title: The Post Box at the North Pole
Author: Jaimie Admans
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 18th October 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Dear Santa, I wish I could believe in magic again.
From, Sasha Hansley.

Sasha Hansley hates Christmas. As a child, it was her favourite time of year, but ever since the tragic death of her mother, it has completely lost its magic.

But when she gets an unexpected phone call from her eccentric estranged father, she’s forced to dust off her snow boots.

He has been running a Lapland style Christmas village in Norway and after suffering a heart attack, he is on strict doctor’s orders to slow down. Eager to reconnect with her dad, Sasha books the next flight out there. Only she has never actually been on a plane before, let alone to the Arctic Circle.

Met at the runway by drop-dead-gorgeous Taavi Salvesen, they sleigh ride through the snow with the Northern Lights guiding their way.

When Sasha uncovers sacks of unopened Santa mail – letters that children and adults from all over the world write to Santa every year – she realises that she can send a little bit of magic out into the world by replying to some of them.

With Taavi on hand to help, will Sasha rediscover her own excitement for Christmas and find love among the letters?

The Post Box at the North Pole is like one big romantic mug of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and a splash of Christmas magic! Fans of Holly Martin, Sarah Morgan and Heidi Swain will love this novel!

Dear Santa

Please can you have a word with the heads of Disney, and get The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans turned into a blockbuster Christmas movie, so that the whole world can remember the magic of Christmas! 

Many thanks 

Rachel x

Do you believe in Christmas magic? Do you still believe in Santa? Well even if you are a bit of a cynic this book will have you rediscovering the joy of the festive season. 

And as a believer already, it is the most magical, heartwarming, festive feeling book I've read so far this year  and is likely to be up there with my all time top Christmas reads.  I'm ready to put up my tree in September, and start listening to Christmas music already, just from reading this book.  

Without a doubt this is Jaimie Admans best book yet, and I thought her previous Christmas books were marvellous, but this one ramps it up another gear even more. No idea how she can even try to top it next year, as this is Christmas perfection. 

I mean it's set at the North Pole Forest, in Norway above the Arctic circle, and its pure magic.  Although it's not really quite as spectacular as it was in its heyday, and the area really needs some new energy and repairs, but by the sounds of it, it used to be as spectacular as the Santa's workshops in films such at The Santa Clause and The Santa Claus movie. 

For there really is a Santa, he is real, but most of all what is so special about this book are all letters to Santa, and just what an impact replying to some of them can have.  

I truly believe this needs to become the next big Disney Christmas movie, it's the wrong setting for Hallmark, and I know Disney would turn it into an amazing film, it just that good and it needs to be seen on a big screen! 

There is romance, there is past tragedies, there are reindeer, oh so many reindeer, there's snow, and above all there is belief.  Belief in the Christmas spirit, and in Nisse (elves), and Christmas wishes, and so much more besides. 

And there is Tav who I have completely fallen in love with, and will happily fight with Sasha for! 

So so much amazingness is contained within these pages, that if you only read one Christmas book this year, you need to make it this one.  Especially if you just love reading books that really are about the spirit of the season! 

Thank you to HQ Digital and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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