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Book Review - Gut Feeling by Victoria Browne - Winning Reads #5

Winning Reads #5
Welcome back to my new feature, Winning Reads. This week I chose Gut Feeling by Victoria Browne, as after starting and giving up on a book earlier in the day, I was in the mood for something light and short, so hoped this would hit the spot. 

  As I enter a large amount of competitions for books, and have a reasonable degree of luck, over the past year or two, my paperback mountain has grown out of control mainly due to being a bit lucky, and then not remembering to pick the books up and read them. 

Now I have a blog, I find it harder to not just stick the the brand new shiny releases the whole time, but I do want to read all these other books, so while I have a stash of them, here is Winning Reads, my new weekly feature for Sundays.

Amazon UK
Title: Gut Feeling
Author: Victoria Browne
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publisher: Neville House Publishing
Publication Date: 21st September 2012
Rating: 4 Stars

Ashleigh Lands is a twenty six year old dental nurse, who after meeting Dave Croft, a gorgeous twin, finds herself in an impossible dilemma. Living in the heart of London, Ashleigh and her group of friends find themselves in numerous situations, parties, traumas and sexual experiences. With Ashleigh's love cheat lawyer ex-boyfriend Lee Preston pulling on her heart strings Ashleigh goes on holiday to Ibiza with the girls; Rachel a buyer for a large child's clothing company and also Ashleigh's best friend. Beautiful Jules who works for a well-known magazine company. And Gemma a house wife who has just found out her husband was sleeping with his personal trainer. Ibiza brings the girls new friends along with love and loss. Whilst the girls are away Dave has an unwanted sexual encounter. Ashleigh returns home only to have her life thrown into turmoil.

When I won a copy of Gut Feeling, I was delighted, as I had seen others tweeting about this author, but I hadn't had a chance to discover her for myself at that point. Now that I have read Gut Feeling I will certainly be on the look out for more Victoria Browne books. 

Gut Feeling is a great story, about young people in their mid twenties, and their various experiences with men. It centres around a group of friends, who are all after different things. Ashleigh, is at the heart of this book, who is struggling to trust the new man in her life Dave, after her ex cheated on her. Although her ex is still trying to get her back, he sounds like a twit. 

Then there is Rachel, who is Ashleigh's best friend, and she loves a good night out, and is enjoying the single life. Jules had been working abroad but is now back in the UK, and is finally having some luck with men, having started to date one that is different to her usual type. Then there is Gemma, who is a long time friend of Rachel and Ashleigh, but they had been out of contact for a while. Her husband was cheating on her, and now she's glad to reconnect with her friends, and to throw herself into her new life and circumstances. 

Gut Feeling centres around how women really should use their intuition and gut feeling when it comes to people, as so often it turns out to be correct, and ignore it at your peril. I loved this as a message, as I tend to trust my intuition a lot, and it rarely fails me. 

The girls decide to go on a holiday to Ibiza, and although Ashleigh was a bit reluctant to leave Dave, during the honeymoon phase of her new relationship, she enjoys herself on holiday. It's only when they return that things become a bit sticky. 

Gut Feeling is 200 pages of fun, its light hearted chick lit and just what I was in the mood for, when I read it. I enjoyed the writing, the story, and wished I was friends with the girls too, as they sounded like a great group of friends. 

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