Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Book Review - Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage by Jill Steeples

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Title: Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage
Author: Jill Steeples
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Publisher supplied ARC
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Publication Date: 16th February 2016
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Matchmaker extraordinaire Molly Matthews is an expert in love, but her skills are put to the ultimate test when international heartthrob Rory Campbell waltzes into her office.

Molly Matthews knows everything there is to know about love. She should too, she runs the most exclusive marriage bureau in town. So why, then, is her own love life a complete disaster area?

When Rory Campbell, the international film star and hell-raising playboy, turns up at Molly’s office, she can’t believe he’s looking for a wife. Despite her better judgment, Molly agrees to help Rory in his quest, but all her attempts at finding him the perfect woman are met with disdain from her trickiest customer to date.

Molly is furious that her professional integrity has been compromised and she’s allowed her personal feelings to get in the way of a business relationship.

When photos of Rory appear in the press with Emma D’Santi, a beautiful pinup and the only woman Molly suspects Rory has ever loved, she wonders if Rory is wasting her time and playing with her heart.

Can Molly still find Rory the woman of his dreams while putting her own burgeoning emotions to one side and hanging on to what’s left of her frazzled heart?

First let me congratulate Jill Steeples on fabulous usage of alliteration in the title of this book. I suspect its a bit of a tongue twister, and definitely a finger twister for typing. 

Molly Matthews works in a marriage bureau (different from a dating agency as this is for people who are ready to be married, but are partnerless), and is shocked to come back into the office one afternoon, to find international film star Rory Campbell on the sofa in her office. 

Rory has decided he needs a wife, in order to improve his image in the media, and is looking to Molly, for help. What neither of them counts on is an obvious sexual tension between the pair. 

The outcome of the book, was fairly obvious, and the journey to get there was pleasant. I thought the story improved as it went on, and as Rory and Molly started to open up to each other, it became really enjoyable. 

Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage is a reasonably short and easy to read romantic comedy, perfect for when you want something quick and light hearted to read. 

Thanks so much to Totally Bound for this review copy. This is my honest opinion. 

Happy publication day to Jill Steeples, Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage is out now!

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