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Book Review - The Truth Will Out by Anna McPartlin

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Title: The Truth Will Out
Author: Anna McPartlin
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 25th February 2009
Rating: 3 Stars

Twice Harri tries to marry the love of her life.
Twice she fails.
Since there are only so many times she can leave her man standing at the altar, Harri loses him.
On top of that, as she battles the panic attacks that have stopped her getting married, Harri discovers that everything she understood about her life is wrong.
As the truth comes out, and the world she thought she knew crumbles around her, Harri struggles to pick up the pieces.
Can she find herself again and, if she does, will it be too late for love?

Harri suffers from crippling panic attacks. They are the reason she has now failed to marry James twice, and left him standing at the altar both times. James understandably has now had enough, and in the days that follow, Harri's parents decide they need to explain some things to their daughter, and her twin brother, George. 

The revelation that follows is a bit hard to believe, I'd say even for fiction, but since I wasn't living in Ireland in the 70's, I can't be sure its completely unreasonable. However what George and Harri are told shocks them completely, and the rest of the book deals with the aftermath. 

There is also Susan, Harri's business partner, and she is struggling with her marriage, and Harri's best friend Melissa feels like a single mother to her two young children as her husband doesn't seem to help out anywhere near enough. 

At the end of each chapter there is a diary. It dates back 30+ years and it takes quite a while as the book progresses for you to even vaguely know who was writing it. Unfortunately the diary entries didn't grab me at all, and I hate to say that after half the book, I was skipping those sections (with odd paragraphs catching my attention), as I just didn't really relate to what was happening. Also due to the amount of characters in the main story, I was then getting confused with a similar amount of people being mentioned in this diary. As a result I feel I may have lost some sense of the book as a whole. 

I liked the main story, but felt it did drag a bit in places. Ultimately I much preferred the other book I have so far read by Anna McPartlin, but still want to read more by her. 

Thank you to everyone that voted last week. This was the overwhelming favourite, unfortunately, in retrospect I think I would have enjoyed the other books up for vote slightly more. 

Please do take a look at this weeks Rachel Reads Randomly vote, and have a say. Regardless of the outcome, I have generally purchased all these books at one point or another, so do want to read them. 

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