Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Guest Post - Never Give Up by Deborah Rogers

One dreary, winter’s evening, I was walking home from my equally dreary job, the wind ripping through me like a blade, when I heard a siren above the rush hour traffic. Up ahead on the over-bridge was a middle-aged man, lying on his back, shirt open, pale belly rippling like tofu as a medic pumped his chest. The medic was sweating despite the chill. It was from the rib-cracking effort he was putting in. People had gathered along the curb to watch. Behind me someone said the medic had been at it for over forty minutes. There was no sign he was giving up any time soon. But the man on the footpath was a goner. You could just tell. “I believe it was a heart attack,” an older woman in a green parka said. “He simply dropped like a stone.” I stayed a few minutes longer to watch the medic’s valiant efforts. I hoped that one day someone would work that hard to save someone I loved, or maybe even me. Not wanting to picture the family at the supper table wondering where Dad was, I walked on before I saw the final outcome. My next day’s search of the newspapers found no sign of what happened to the man. I told myself that no news was good news and that he must have lived after all.

I like to think that lessons are everywhere and that night on the over-bridge got me thinking. There’s value in fighting way past the point when most people give up. So often we are told to simply go with the flow, to not swim against the current, to be grateful for what we have now. To hell with that. Every meaningful thing in my life I’ve had to fight for – keeping my baby at sixteen, the two university degrees that probably took me too long to complete, my little house by the beach, my (finally) burgeoning career as a writer. None of this would have seen the light of day had I not fought tooth and nail for it. Things change when you fight, when you never give up. The universe rewards action, not always immediately, maybe not even after countless fall-down-and-get-back-up-again''s. But eventually. Always. So fight for what you want – your marriage, your rights, someone else's rights, your life, a promise made. Don’t take no for an answer. No matter how terrible the odds, fight for what you want, fight until you’ve got nothing left. Be the medic on the over-bridge.

About Deborah Rogers

Deborah Rogers is a New Zealand born writer. She spent a good proportion of her formative years in South East Asia, where her father worked for the Hong Kong government. After a rather checkered education, which included dropping out of high school at sixteen, she eventually graduated from the University of Canterbury with degrees in Sociology and Law. Her short fiction has been published in local journals, and shortlisted for several major competitions, including the Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize and the Katherine Mansfield Premier Award. 

Deborah's debut psychological thriller, The Devil's Wire, is out now.


Thanks Deborah for that interesting guest post. It has been a pleasure to host you at Rachel's Random Reads. 


  1. Powerful post. I agree with every word you say. I've had to struggle fir everything I've achieved, as I'm sure most people do. The problem is others just see the end product. They have no idea how much blood, sweat, toil, and tears have been invested!

  2. Yes! Other writers know how much effort it takes to write a good book, which is why I think it's important to have a supportive network of like-minded people around you. A little bit of encouragement can go a long way.

  3. Inspirational post - thank you.


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