Sunday, 28 February 2016

Giveaways - Rachel's Birthday Blast

Well I'm another year older today and I must say I don't feel any different than I did yesterday. Went out last night to the theatre and saw In The Heights which amazing, and tonight mum is taking me out to dinner.

So as it's my birthday and I'm in a happy, generous sort of mood, I have a few giveaways for you to enjoy.

So all you have to do is put into the comments which book you would like to win (you can enter for each if you like, but please one book per comment), and I will draw the winners on Sunday 6th March, so get your entries in by midnight of 5th March.

All comments need to include either a twitter handle, or email address, so I can contact you. Failure to give me a way to find you to inform you of a win, will result in your entry being discounted.

However due to postage costs, I am only opening these up to the UK only. If I announce you as a winner and then discover you don't have a UK address, then I will re-draw I'm sorry. However I do have other giveaways coming up this week that will be open internationally.

So what are the books that I am giving away?

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris (UK Only)

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You might not want to like them, but you do.
You’d like to get to know Grace better.
But it’s difficult, because you realise Jack and Grace are never apart.
Some might call this true love. Others might ask why Grace never answers the phone. Or how she can never meet for coffee, even though she doesn’t work. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. And why there are bars on one of the bedroom windows.

Sometimes, the perfect marriage is the perfect lie.

Maker of Footprints by Sheila Turner Johnston (UK Only)

Paul Shepherd is dangerous. He drops into Jenna’s mundane days and makes all those whose lives touch his, face up to the differences between want and need, selfishness and sacrifice, love and duty. Willful and exhausting, he stirs in Jenna feelings which make her begin to challenge the boundaries of her own beliefs. He needs her to calm the fears which torment him and leaves her no hiding place. 

But she will not fall for a married man … 

When do you stay within the safety of your cage? When do you open the door and step out into the exhilaration of the unknown? And just how much selfishness is it possible to forgive? 

The Woman Who Ran by Sam Baker (UK Only) (ARC) 

FYI - Good condition but may be a few corners that have been folded. Spine is fine

How do you escape what you can’t remember?

She can run.
But can she hide?

Helen Graham is a new arrival in a tiny Yorkshire village, renting dilapidated Wildfell Hall. The villagers are intensely curious – what makes her so jumpy and
why is she so evasive?

Their interest is Helen’s worst nightmare. Looking over her shoulder every day, she tries to piece together her past before it can catch up with her.

With everything she knows in fragments, from her marriage to her career as a war photographer, how can she work out who to trust and what to believe?

Most days she can barely remember who she is…

Freedom's Child by Jax Miller (UK Only) (ARC)
FYI - Good condition but may be a few corners that have been folded. Spine is fine.

A heart-stopping debut thriller about a woman named Freedom, who will stop at nothing to save the daughter she only knew for two minutes and seventeen seconds.

Call me what you will: a murderer, a cop killer, a fugitive, a drunk…

There's a lot people don't know about Freedom Oliver. They know she works at the local bar. They know she likes a drink or two.

What they don't know is that Freedom is not her real name. That she has spent the last eighteen years living under Witness Protection, after being arrested for her husband's murder. They don't know that she put her two children up for adoption, a decision that haunts her every day.

Then Freedom's daughter goes missing, and everything changes. Determined to find her, Freedom slips her handlers and heads to Kentucky where her kids were raised. No longer protected by the government, she is tracked by her husband's sadistic family, who are thirsty for revenge. But as she gets closer to the truth, Freedom faces an even more dangerous threat.

She just doesn't know it yet.

Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley (UK Only)
FYI - There is a small amount of damage on the back cover, in the top right corner, but shouldn't affect your ability to read the book. Unfortunately it was the condition the book arrived to me in.

Holly Swift has just landed the job of her dreams: events co-ordinator at Wickham Hall, the beautiful manor home that sits proudly at the heart of the village where she grew up. Not only does she get to organise for a living and work in stunning surroundings, but it will also put a bit of distance between Holly and her problems at home.

As Holly falls in love with the busy world of Wickham Hall - from family weddings to summer festivals, firework displays and Christmas grottos - she also finds a place in her heart for her friendly (if unusual) colleagues.

But life isn’t as easily organised as an event at Wickham Hall (and even those have their complications…). Can Holly learn to let go and live in the moment? After all, that’s when the magic happens…

As I said above, if you are interested in winning any of these books, and are based in the UK, please put the name of the book in the comments below, along with your email or twitter handle. One book name per comment, you may happily enter all five giveaways.

I will draw the winners randomly after the giveaways close at midnight of the 5th March.  

Good luck


  1. Hello lovely! Happy Birthday- hope you have a fantastic day. I'd love to win Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley- I love her writing, but haven't managed to pick this one up yet. You can reach me on twitter @laurabambrey. Lxxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday (again) I've been looking forward to this after your initial idea. I'm going to go out on a limb because it intrigues me & say 'Freedom's Child by Jax Miller'. You know how to reach me lol but for the sake of following the rules ... @DrewComps :)

  3. Happy birthday 🎂! I would love to win a copy of Wickham Hall. My twitter is @starcrossed89. X

  4. Happy Birthday - I'd love to win Behind Closed Doors as it's been on my wishlist for ages.

    1. If you could supply a twitter handle or email address so I can count your entry I would appreciate it. I can't find contact details on Google plus.

  5. Happy birthday. Would love to win behind closed doors @julieryan18

  6. Happy Birthday Rachel! I'd love to win the copy of The Woman Who Ran. Thanks ❤️

  7. Happy Birthday Rachel. If I were luck enough to win I'd love Behind Closed Doors please. Hope you enjoy your meal tonight.x @Lindahill50Hill

  8. Happy birthday!! Have a fantastic day! I would love to win Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley. Xx @thebookworm_88

  9. Happy birthday Rachel. I would love to win The Maker Of Footprints. Hope you have a great day.

  10. Happy Birthday. I would love to win the copy of Behind Closed Doors. @LeahJMoyse

  11. Happy Birthday Rachel. Hope your having a lovely day. I would love to win Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley. Lx @xLaura30x

  12. Happy birthday! I'd love
    Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris, it sounds like a great read!

  13. What a lovely idea, Rachel, and have a wonderful birthday! I'd love to win Behind Closed Doors! @ajwaines from Book Connectors. Best wishes, Alison.

  14. Happy birthday. I would love to win behind closed doors.

  15. I'm going to start the trend of entering for another one of your lovely selection & keep my fingers crossed for Wickham Hall @DrewComps

  16. Behind Closed Doors please! @murronsmama

  17. happy birthday!
    the woman who ran if poss

  18. Happy birthday! I'd love to win Wickham Hall. My twitter is @crandally 😊

  19. From Twitter due to no google account:

    Karen C ‏@karen4013 3 mins3 minutes ago
    @gilbster1000 @DrewComps That's very kind. Thank You. Would like Freedoms Child please. Enjoy the rest of your birthday :)

  20. From Twitter due to no relevant account for commenting:

    shell ‏@shellhackett007 11 secs11 seconds ago
    @gilbster1000 thanks Rachel xx The Woman Who Ran (Sam Baker) xxxx

  21. Me again :) putting in my next bid! The Woman Who Ran by Sam Baker @DrewComps

  22. Hi I would love to win Wickham Hall - have been wanting to read this for ages. Thank you for the opportunity @parentsintouch

  23. hope you had a lovely birthday! I would love to read Behind Closed Doors, (I have a uk address!) Twitter @3obriens

  24. second entry, if that's ok! would also love to read The Woman Who Ran Twitter @3obriens

  25. Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley

  26. The Woman Who Ran by Sam Baker , looks good too

  27. I'm back to try for Maker of Footprints by Sheila Turner Johnston .. thank you :)

  28. Wickham hall by cathy bramble xx

  29. A second entry if that's okay! I'd love to win Behind Closed doors. Thanks Rachel xx @gurdgreenbear

  30. A second entry if that's okay! I'd love to win Behind Closed doors. Thanks Rachel xx @gurdgreenbear


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