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Book Review - Learning to Love by Sheryl Browne

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Title: Learning to Love
Author: Sheryl Browne
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Choc Lit 
Publication Date: 14th June 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places … 
Living in a small village like Hibberton, it’s expected that your neighbours help you in a time of need. But when Andrea Kelly’s house burns down, taking all her earthly possessions with it, it’s the distant and aloof Doctor David Adams – the person she would least expect – who opens his door not just to her, but to her three kids and slightly dotty elderly mother as well. 

Andrea needs all the help she can get, dealing with aftermath of the fire and in the suspicious absence of her husband, Jonathan. But, as she gets to know David and his troubled son, Jake, she begins to realise that maybe they need her help as much as she needs theirs …

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I have managed to read Learning to Love in one sitting, and loved every second of it.  It has everything you could want in a story, from a dishy doctor, village of friends, family with some wonderful children, a dastardly villain and a large helping of drama and action. This is a fast paced story, that will leave you gasping for more. 

David Adams has just moved in opposite the Kelly family, with his 10 year old son Jake. They don't have the best of relationships, and the last thing in theory they need is what does happen. For within a few days, the Kelly house is on fire, and David helps rescue Andrea's children and elderly mother. Then offers the family a place to stay, while they get back on their feet. 

Friends all rally around to help Andrea and her family, and her two teenage children Ryan and Sophie go overnight from being typical teenagers to reasonably responsible people trying their hardest to help out or at least not make life harder 

There is one noticeable exception to this, Jonathan, her fiancee and father to her youngest child. He is absent during the fire, and then doesn't reappear for a few days. Let's just say any bad vibes you get from him once you are introduced to the character, should not be ignored! 

I loved seeing the dynamic in the Adams household gradually change, as you learn why it is father and son don't seem overly close, and  how the introduction of the Kellys changes all of their lives. There is an incredibly close friendship brewing and it leaves Andrea needing to make decisions. 

I am not going to spoil the finale, but to say it was action packed and drama filled would be the only indication I can give, and I'm so glad I was able to read it all un-interrupted. Learning to Love teaches you how to love in difficult circumstances, and is a wonderful story. Being a huge fan of Sheryl Browne's work, I had been slightly apprehensive as to whether this would be as good as some of her other books, and I can safely say it definitely is, if not better still. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Choc Lit for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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  1. WhooOOP! Rachel, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this review and also that you had a lovely time reading Learning to Love. Because you do spend so much time reading - and there are many, many authors that are so glad that you do - that really means a lot to me. THANK YOU! Learning to Love has found a safe home and is touching hearts. How utterly fulfilling and fabulous it that? 😍 xx


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