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Book Review - Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe by Debbie Johnson

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Title: Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe
Author: Debbie Johnson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 23rd September 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Becca Fletcher hates Christmas so much, she’s considering getting ‘Bah Humbug!’ tattooed on her forehead. She has her reasons for being Little Miss Grinch; Reasons that make this the very worst time of year for her.

Now, though, she can’t avoid her version of ho-ho-hell – because she’s travelling to the Comfort Food Cafe to spend the festive season with her sister Laura, and her family. She’s expecting mulled wine, the smell of pine trees, 24-hour Christmas movie marathons and all kinds of very merry torture.

But little does Becca know that the Comfort Food Cafe is like no other place on earth. Perched on a snow-covered hill on a windswept bay, it’s a place full of friendship; a place where broken hearts can heal, and a place where new love can blossom. It’s a place where Becca’s Christmas miracle really could happen – if only she can let it…

What a wonderful return to the Comfort Food Cafe, and this time from Becca's perspective, instead of sister Laura's. Becca is a bit of a scrooge sort of person, she really hates Christmas, and the start of the book, shows various of their childhood Christmases as to why she is that way. 

I loved those Childhood memories as they are the sorts of incidents that happen up and down the world in families every year, without fail, and they are as amusing as they are recognisable. We then fast forward to the present day and Becca is to join Laura at the Comfort Food Cafe for December. 

Becca soon can see all the reasons that Laura loves her new home, and there is a certain surfer who catches her eyes.  The cafe is a sort of magical place, so whether it can weave its comfort around Becca is to be discovered. 

If you haven't read the first book don't worry this could easily be read as a standalone, but you would be missing out on a wonderful story in the original. As a sequel this feels quite different and although all the regular guests to the cafe are back the focus of the book isn't so much on them, but partially on Cherie's wedding. 

Despite being a book featuring a Grinch like person, and you obviously wanting to see her heart melt, it really is the sort of story that will greet you like an old friend, and envelop you in a big warm hug, and of course a cup of hot chocolate, like in the cover for the book. 

I loved the Christmassy elements of this story, but also the greater depth, as Becca touches upon the hidden reasons as to why she has acted in certain ways over parts of her life.  Not only the Christmas bits, but the Christmas wedding which needs to be read to be believed. That whole event had me smiling from start to finish, as it was so perfect for Cherie. 

In fact I really did love the whole of Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe,  its definitely another winning book from the talented Debbie Johnson. 

Thank you so much to Harper Impulse and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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  1. I agree with you, it was a really good read. I liked it so much more then Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe!


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