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Funday Friday - Truth or Lie - Alli Sinclair - Month 6 Week 3

Welcome to the latest edition of Truth of Lie. My name is Rachel and I will be your host, for this exciting new game show. Each Friday, I will have one contestant, and they will be answering at least 14 questions. There is of course one small twist...

For three of the answers, they have to lie. It is your task as the viewer to guess which three answers are lies. You are allowed 3 guesses and I want them posted into the comments field. 

Every 4 weeks, I will close the guessing, count up how many correct answers each of you has, and create a leaderboard. Anyone who is top of the leaderboard, will go into a draw for a paperback of the winners choice (open internationally). 

Please do include a way for me to contact you (email or twitter or similar), so that I can let you know if you have won. 

The weekend after a 4 week period closes, not only will I produce a leaderboard, and announce a winner, I will also let you know into the true answers, and which were the lies.  

Closing date for the sixth month is 11pm on 27th October 2016. 

So without further ado, let's meet today's contestant. 

Good morning contestant, please can you tell me your name and a little bit about yourself?

I’m Alli Sinclair, Australian born but citizen of the world. An adventurer at heart, I’ve climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and immersed myself in an array of exotic destinations, cultures, and languages. I’ve lived in Argentina, Peru, Canada and, of course, my native country, Australia. My stories capture the romance and thrill of exploring new destinations and cultures, while also taking readers on a journey of discovery.  
Please to meet you Alli, what an incredible mix of countries that you have lived in

Now onto the show, and remember everyone, Alli hasn't been entirely truthful with three of these answers, so it is up to you to guess which ones they are (only 3 guesses per person though). 

1) Tell me about any really memorable dream or nightmare you have had.

I dream often so it’s hard to choose just one. I’ve been dreaming about heading to Europe for twelve months with my husband and children. We’d travel in a small van and home school the kids while I continue to write my books and hubby continues with his IT business. This dream has been recurring for a couple of years so maybe I should start paying attention to it!

2) What was your most memorable holiday ever?

Ah …. The twelve month backpacking holiday in South America that led to me living there and working as a tour and mountain climbing guide for a few years. That was rather memorable!

3) If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

I’d love to be a llama. I love their snooty look, large long lashes and the fact that they have no qualms in letting you know they’re unhappy with you (because they spit on you!). I admire their ability to easily let people know when they’re displeased because I’m a person who finds it incredibly difficult to let someone know if they’ve upset me. 

4) What superpower would you love to have?

I’d love the superpower of helping people fulfil their dreams. I don’t believe in things being handed to people on a silver platter, but I totally believe that hard work and self-belief should result in dreams being fulfilled (unfortunately that doesn’t happen for everyone). So if I can find that spark in someone and use my super powers to turn their doubt into the belief that they can achieve their dream, that would be one very satisfying super power! 

5) What is your dream job, and have you tried to achieve it?

I’ve always wanted to be a star of musicals, dancing and singing my way in Broadway and the West End. Unfortunately, the howling dogs didn’t like my rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables and my ambitions were thwarted.

6) Can you describe for me what your perfect day would involve?

A long jog along the beach, followed by a leisurely breakfast of green juice with extra kale, then a few games of tennis, and if the weather’s nice (but it’s a perfect day so it will be sunny, right?) then spend the afternoon gardening. 

7) Please name a cocktail that would describe you perfectly, and what’s in it?

Margarita: I haven’t specified a particular flavour as I’m a chameleon and can adapt to my surrounds, hence why I thought a Margarita would fit the bill as the flavour of the margarita changes as to what is available or what the drinker feels like.  

8) If you could choose anybody famous to star in the story of your life, who would it be?

I’d definitely choose Sandra Bullock as there are so many similarities in the characters she plays and me. I’m a tad clumsy (okay, a lot!), I always look for the good in people even if they’ve hurt me, and I try to do right by everyone and I love with all my heart. 

9) What is your best childhood memory?

Going to the snow when I was a very young and building a snowman that was almost twice the size as me. I remember frozen fingers (even though I had gloves on), snowflakes being caught in my eyelashes, and a super cold nose—but all that faded into the background as I laughed with my parents and brother as we created a memory that would last forever.

10) Did you have an invisible friend as a child? If so please tell me about them. 

I had twin invisible friends – Molly and Gertrude. They were the same age as me and were super brave. They always said the things I was too scared to, and they often goaded me into doing things I wasn’t brave enough to do (which sometimes got me into trouble!). I turned ten and they disappeared overnight – it broke my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over it.

11) If you could only look at one view for the rest of eternity, what or where would you like to be to see this view?

Oooh, this is tough because I love mountains and the sea! If I had to choose one, though, I’d go with the Atacama desert in northern Chile. Although a desert, it can get very cold and often there is snowfall on the peaks of the surrounding mountains and sometimes, if there’s been rainfall (yes, in a desert!) the water sits on top of the red land and and reflects the blue sky and surrounding snow-capped peaks. And at night, the inky sky is scattered with stars. It truly is one of the most magical places on earth.

12) Can you let us in on an embarrassing secret?

I am clumsy, and have often tripped and found myself splattered on the ground in front of males I’ve been trying to impress. One episode that comes to mind is when I was on crutches (what a surprise!) and I was getting out of my car. The crush at the time was walking past and he waved and smiled and as he came over to talk to me, I shut the car door but the pocket of my jacket (that contained the car keys) got caught inside the door and the door wouldn’t open anymore. So I had to lean against the door, trying to look oh-so-casual, and have a conversation with my crush (which was hard enough at the best of times because I was always so nervous around him!) and pretend all was fine in my world. He asked me if I wanted to go inside to the pub I’d parked out the front of, and that’s when I had to admit I was stuck. Bless him, he didn’t bat an eyelid and after I took off my jacket, he managed to wedge open the door so I could retrieve my jacket and car keys. We didn’t end up dating but we did become friends and had a good laugh about my clumsiness!

13) If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?

I’d pay off our house, my brother’s house, send my mum and my in-laws on a holiday they’d always dreamed of, donate money to my kid’s school, donate money to literacy foundations, and donate money to a handful of other causes very dear to my heart. And I’m pretty sure I’d save some money to spend a year travelling with my hubby and kids! 

14) What are you most scared of?

I try not to be scared of too much, but I do worry about where our world is headed. There seems to be so much violence and not enough effort put into trying to understand each other. I’m an idealist, I know, so I find it very hard to comprehend why there is so much disagreement and anger in this world. I am scared that one day this hatred will spread to a point where we lose our last chance to find peace in this world and this is very scary because what kind of world will it be for future generations?

Thank you so much taking part Alli, that view in Chile sounds gorgeous, I must add that onto my list of countries to visit. 

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Truth or Lie? I will be back next week with another episode, and in the mean time...
Don't forget to guess the lies, to be in with a chance of a prize! 

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Alli Sinclair is a multi award-winning author of books that combine travel, mystery, and romance. An adventurer at heart, Alli has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and immersed herself in an array of exotic destinations, cultures, and languages. Alli’s stories capture the romance and thrill of exploring new destinations and cultures that also take readers on a journey of discovery.
Alli volunteers as an author role model with Books in Homes, promoting literacy and reading amongst young Australians.

Alli can be found at
Instagram: alli_sinclair


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