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Book Review - Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes by Lindsey Paley - Back Catalogue Books

Back Catalogue Books is my new regular Saturday feature, focusing on books that are not the latest releases. There is going to be a mix of Q&As and also reviews, depending on what I have the space for. 

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Title: Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes (Camille Carter Novel Book 1)
Author: Lindsey Paley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Purple Heather Publishing
Publication Date: 15th June 2015
Rating: 4.5 Stars

When all-round buttercream princess, Millie Carter, becomes stranded at Craiglea Manor Cookery School, she believes her chance of enjoying a merry festive season is over. 

The village of Aisford is Christmas-card perfect, but Millie hates it - she hates the snow, her freezing fingertips, and being forced to look like her Aunt Marjory in a mud-splattered wax jacket and wellies instead of her beloved shorts and sparkly sandals. 

She plots her escape but ends up locking spatulas with the estate manager, Fergus McKenzie, who is forced to rescue her before she succumbs to a severe dose of hypothermia. Things start to improve with the arrival of handsome Sam Morgan, fresh from the beaches and rum shacks of the Caribbean. 

Can Millie accept her fate? And will Aisford sprinkle some of its seasonal magic on her troubles? 

Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes is a festive story of love and friendship and reaching for the buttercream icing and edible glitter when life gets tough. 

I've been meaning to start this series for a while, as the titles all sound so delicious and up my street. Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes is the first book in the Camille Carter series, and is a very entertaining story, with some surprises along the way. 

Camille Carter or Millie as she is known, has lived in the South of France for three years and much prefers the sun to snow. However she has agreed to come back to England, for Christmas this year. Due to a set of circumstances, there are last minute changes of plan, and she ends up agreeing to run a Christmas cookery course in a manor house in Aisford. 

She arrives in the middle of a big snow storm, not prepared for an English winter, and isn't too impressed with the situation she finds herself in, as after she is taken to the manor house, she learns the the course has been cancelled and she is stranded there for the weekend. 

There are a whole host of male characters in and around the village and the estate that try to make Millie feel welcome, some more gorgeous than others. As Millie starts to spend a bit of time in Aisford her heart starts to thaw too. 

As a chef, there are of course some great descriptions of food in this book, definitely enough to get me peckish, and in the mood for Christmas cakes, and yule logs. 

This is a sweet story with a hint of romance that is an excellent start to the series. I really hope I will be able to find the time to read more of it in due course.


  1. Thanks ever so much for featuring me on your lovely blog. Warmest wishes, Lindseyx

    1. You are very welcome Lindsey and I really hope I can feature you more in the future

  2. I've been reading this series with enjoyment. Love the characters and the romance mixed into the mystery.


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