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Book Review - Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding by Fiona Collins - #AroundTheUKIn144Books #Wiltshire

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Title: Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding
Author: Fiona Collins
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 5 Stars
Rating: 28th April 2017

Don’t tell the bride!
Rose, Sal and JoJo have been looking forward to their best friend Wendy’s hen party for ages. A relaxing spa break is the perfect way to escape their crazy careers, grumpy husbands and stroppy children – even if the groom’s straight-laced sister, Tamsin, is coming too.

Until they realise that there’s been a mistake in the booking and instead of sipping prosecco in fluffy white dressing gowns they’re off to bridesmaid bootcamp!

Squeezing themselves reluctantly into tiny shorts and sliding through the mud, it’s only a matter of time before secrets emerge that could change everything…

Forget about saving the date, these four bridesmaids need to save the day – otherwise will there even be a white wedding at all?

Light hearted and a lot of fun,  a story that is guaranteed to leave you smiling. All this from an author that really is becoming a fast favourite of mine, when I'm in the mood for some good natured entertainment, with a lovely cast of characters and so many moments to make you giggle. 

This is the story of a small hen party, the bride (Wendy), her three best friends (JoJo, Sal and Rose) and her soon to be sister-in-law (Tamsin) who she has never met before. Wendy hadn't wanted a hen party but when JoJo booked a sumptuous weekend away of pampering in a luxury retreat in Wiltshire, she couldn't resist. 

However once the arrive at the retreat, it soon becomes apparent that workaholic and mega organized JoJo accidently checked the wrong box so instead of a weekend of pampering, they are now on a health and fitness retreat that includes no alcohol, assault causes, hot yoga, mind gymnastics, rafting and more. 

Yet would you believe, the wrong package isn't what has the biggest potential to mess up their weekend? For nothing is ever simple, and there really is a big surprise for Wendy not long into the hen party. 

Each chapter focuses on either Sal, Rose and JoJo, so we really get to know a lot more about the three main bridesmaids. They have been friends for years but they are all hiding things that will come out over the course of the party. They also have the new challenge too of allowing Tamsin into their group, as she is from a rather different background to the other girls. 

Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding is pure unadulterated fun, there is pretty much no other way I can describe it. It such an easy to read story, and I loved getting to know the very different circumstances of our bridesmaids, and see how over the course of a weekend, their opinions, and attitudes to love can change. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the girls coped with the assault course and other elements of this retreat, as it is far outside most of their comfort zones.  Overall is a very enjoyable book, and a joy to read. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and HQ Digital  for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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