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Book Review - Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

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Title: Spring at Blueberry Bay
Author: Holly Martin
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 7th April 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Welcome to beautiful Hope Island where the sea sparkles, the daffodils are blooming and a blossoming romance is just around the corner…

Bella has always had a sunny outlook and caring nature, despite recently falling on hard times. When she finds a handsome homeless man on her doorstep, her kind heart tells her she must help him. So, she invites Isaac into her cottage and into her life in ways she could never have imagined…

But Isaac is not what he seems. He’s keeping a huge secret from Bella, yet he never expected to fall for this open, generous and charming woman. 

Bella can’t ignore the chemistry between her and Isaac, but she’s had her trust badly broken in her past. Will she run when she learns the truth about Isaac, or will he be the one man who can help Bella believe in love again?

A fantastically romantic book, that teaches you about love, and has one of my favourite book boyfriends of the year in it. In fact Isaac is just the sort of man I love reading about, sexy and full of romantic gestures both big and small. It was one of those gestures that had me declaring my own undying love for the guy, many chapters before Bella sorted out her own feelings. 

Bella is a heroine that I connected with immediately, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and although allowing a homeless man she has only just met, to spend the night in the house where she lives alone, may be dangerous, she clearly has a very trusting nature and takes people at face value.  She is struggling herself after having had immense bad luck in her previous job, she is down to the last of her money, as she tries to find a new job. 

Bella in a charity events fundraiser and has plenty innovative ideas for events, especially with Easter coming up. My favourite idea is where Pokemon Go meets an Easter Egg hunt, to create a brand new game. Isaac is the boss at the foundation, and there is plenty of chemistry between the two of them from the start. 

I also loved Bella's family, and how close they all are. Erin and Rome clearly look out for Bella's best interests at all times, and Claudia, Isaac's PA tries to protect him too. Bella though doesn't really believe in love so its up to her friends and family, plus Isaac to try and convince her of its merits. 

This was a story that really reached out to me, and at points I was almost in tears, just due to feeling so connected with the characters, that I was really able to empathise with them. 

Spring at Blueberry Bay is Holly Martin at her best, the story was incredibly easy to get into, but equally I was interested in the characters from the first chapter, where the introduction to them is rather unique. I also love the setting of Hope Island in the Scilly Isles, which has loads of picturesque sounding locales on the island, and the island setting, and its remoteness adds a certain something to the story.  If you are a fan of the author then I'm positive you will enjoy this book as much as I do, and I'm already eagerly looking forward to hearing more about any future books with this setting. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Bookouture for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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