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Book Review - Behind Her Back by Jane Lythell - #HolidayReading Book 2

Book 2 of 30 that I read on my holiday to Fuerteventura in December 2017

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Title:  Behind Her Back
Author: Jane Lythell
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Publisher supplied copy
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication Date: 10th August 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

In a TV station run by men, how do the women make themselves heard?

Liz Lyon is a television producer at StoryWorld, the UK's favourite morning show. Her job is stressful and demanding, but she is determined to show her teenage daughter that women can succeed.

Then a new female colleague joins the station. In this predatory climate of toxic masculinity Liz and Lori should be helping each other. But when Lori starts secretly building her power base with the bosses, Liz is desperate to know what's going on behind her back...

Really enjoyed seeing Liz Lyon back in her second book and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Storyworld team again. 

This is the second book in the series and at did take me while to get fully into the story. It had been a long while since I read book 1 and so remembering the characters and specifics took a bit of time. I do though feel this probably works as a standalone too, as all the key bit from the previous book are mentioned. 

Wow there is a lot to take in on this story, there is a lot of work place politics in place, some of which is more amusing than others, there is Liz's new dating interest who I'm not sure I like that much. 

Then there is Liz's daughter Flo who is in some ways a typical 15 year old girl, and in others as someone quite loving and mature for her age. 

I just found it a shame that just as my enjoyment had peaked, I was at the end of the book and have been left crossing my fingers for a book 3,

Full of humour and conflict, this is a lovely story and one I really enjoyed. 

Thank you to Clare Gordon at Head of Zeus for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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  1. Thanks so much Rachel.
    Interesting that you weren't sure about Douglas Pitlochry, Liz's new romantic interest.
    Now as for Henry...


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