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Book Review - The Magic of Stars by Jackie Ladbury

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Title: The Magic of Stars
Author: Jackie Ladbury
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Fabrian Books
Publication Date: 12th January 2018
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sapphire Montrose always felt like a loser in the struggle of life, but when she becomes the airline manager of a run-down airline she starts to believe she is a winner – until she unwittingly propositions her new boss and all her hard work is undone.

In a moment of recklessness air stewardess, Sapphire Montrose throws caution and her dress to the wind by propositioning a handsome stranger in a hotel in Florence, only to find herself waking up alone and embarrassed in her hotel room.

Unfortunately for Sapphire, it turns out that her new boss, Marco Cavarelli, is the man she failed to seduce and she is now fighting for her job and her self-respect when he tells her there is no place in his revamped airline for an alcoholic woman with lascivious tendencies. To make matters worse she is increasingly attracted to him and he seems to be giving out the same vibes. Or is he simply testing her? One wrong move could be the end of her career. But what if he really is offering love – and is he worth the risk?

Having recently read Jackie Ladbury's first book, I jumped at the chance to read the next one, and what a lovely story this one is too.  I was drawn into the story from the first few chapters that were hilarious, but relatable to at the same time, and from then on I was just rooting for Sapphire to have a happy ending. 

Sapphire is a rather innocent, naive person in some respects but in others she is absolutely fabulous, and incredibly good at her job as an air stewardess, although as you read further you will discover she has hidden talents. 

It seems like the bane of her life is sexy Italian Marco Cavarelli, a man she drunkenly propositioned and then a few chapters later discovers is her new boss at the airline,  and from there sparks fly between them, and not necessarily in a good way. 

I love the way Jackie Ladbury creates such rounded, realistic characters, that feel like they could be good friends with you. Fintan, Sapphire's friend and colleague is hilarious and I was laughing a fair amount of his antics.  

The other thing I'm realising this author does incredibly well, is dialogue, I loved the conversations between Marco and Sapphire, especially when the reader has more likely more idea of what is going on than Sapphire a lot of the time. 

As you may hope there is a grand romantic gesture towards the end that I absolutely loved seeing, and guessed only a few pages before hand, that almost made me go weak at the knees.

My only disappointment with the book, is despite its absolutely gorgeous cover, was how little Florence was featured as the majority of the book takes place in the UK. I understand it makes for a much more striking cover, and the Florence scenes were pivotal to story, I just wish I had seen a bit more of the city and its food, as I'm a huge lover of anything Italian in fiction! 

Besides that I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover, and kept wanting to return to it even when I was meant to be working. It made me smile and I am positive this is an author who is going to go from strength to strength. 

Thanks to Jackie Ladbury for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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