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Book Review - Blame It On The Moonlight by Emily Harvale

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Title: Blame it on the Moonlight
Author: Emily Harvale
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Crescent Gate Publishing
Publication Date: 23rd February 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

An utterly gorgeous and heart-warming romantic comedy about friendship, family and following your heart - no matter where it may lead. 

Luna Blake wants a fresh start. Moving in with her uncle will give her that. She also wants to earn a living from her photographs and paintings of the moon. What she doesn’t want is to fall in love because the last time she did that, it broke her heart in two.

Severine Starr wants to spend as little time as possible visiting her family. She wants to get back to her new man and her new life in New York. She simply needs to persuade her teenage daughter, Raven to go with her. But things at home are far from how she left them.

Logan Dorset always wanted to open his own restaurant – and now he is. He also wants a woman he can’t have. A woman he’s been in love with all his life. A woman who’s in love with someone else. He just wants a chance to tell her how he feels.

Roggero Tazzeone disappeared from Michaelmas Bay more than fifteen years ago. Now he’s back and he’s trying to make up for his past mistakes. After all this time, he knows exactly what he wants.

But strange things can happen in the moonlight, and what each of them wants may not be as straightforward as they think. 

Absolutely fabulous, easily one of my favourite books by Emily Harvale, and I have read rather a lot of them in the past! 

This features a lot of love, in that many of the characters seem to think they are in, or are falling in love with each other and not  necessarily all of it is reciprocated, nor is all of it that easy to follow. 

At the centre of all of it is Severine Starr, she is the sister to Evie, who was the main character in the first Michaelmas Bay book, but this can easily be read as a standalone.  Severine is mother to Raven and she hasn't seen Raven's father Roggero since she told him she was pregnant 15 years ago.  Severine is currently pregnant with Harvey's child, but on her first night back in Michaelmas Bay, she kisses her teenage crush Logan. 

Confused?  Well then there is also Luna who has just met Logan and is determined not to let another man close while she is nursing a broken heart,  and a whole host of other characters all determined to act as matchmakers and gossips. 

It is fabulous, its a small knit community at its best, and the story only takes place over a few day period but the amount that is packed into those days is rather impressive.  We see the story from multiple focus points, which allows us to get a good feel for all the characters, and  the question on my lips for most of the book was, just who is Severine going to pick. 

This is a warm read that will get you smiling, and its a quick easy story to follow. I loved finding out more about Severine who had only been mentioned in the previous book, and reconnecting with the rest of the fabulous Starr family. 

Thoroughly enjoyable book, would love to see more from this series. 

Thank you to Emily Harvale for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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