Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Book Review - Poppy's Place in the Sun by Lorraine Wilson

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Title: Poppy's Place In The Sun
Author: Lorraine Wilson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 13th April 2018
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sometimes you need to lose yourself to find your way home…

With only her trusty dogs Peanut, Treacle and Pickwick by her side, Poppy Kirkbride could be forgiven for having doubts about her move to a quiet village in rural France. But as the sun shines down on her ramshackle new home, Poppy knows she’s made the right decision. A lick of paint, and some TLC and her rustic farmhouse will be the perfect holiday retreat – Poppy’s dream come true.

Poppy is welcomed by her fellow villagers, except for brooding local vet Leo Dubois, who makes it clear Poppy isn’t welcome in his village – or his life! Leo might be gorgeous, but Poppy won’t be told what to do by an arrogant Frenchman – no matter how kind and gentle he is to her dogs!

Determined to stay, Poppy tries to understand the enigmatic Frenchman better. But as the two get closer, Poppy sees another side to Leo – a man with heartbreak of his own. Falling in love with Leo is easy, but can he ever return Poppy's love? And what would this mean for her dream life and place in the sun?

Pure escapist fun, perfect poolside reading. Transport yourself to Poppy's Place in the Sun in rural France, near to Carcassonne.  

Poppy may be the main character but to me the absolute stars of the book are Peanut, Treacle and Pickwick, her trio of tiny dogs, 2 chihuahuas and yorkshire terrier  that have the biggest personalities in the world.  And they aren't the only canines that produce laughs and aww moments, there is also Maxi who lives next door with the gorgeous Will. 

Maxi's introduction to the book is hilarious, and certainly memorable for Poppy who is utterly convinced he is a wolf at first!  Then are are some donkeys who also provide some fun moments, and some other wildlife too to add into the mix. 

This is a book for animal loves, French food lovers, Francophiles in general, romance lovers and for anyone that has ever watched A Place in the Sun and wished it was their life. For that is in part what inspired Poppy to make the move, despite knowing no one in the area. 

I loved seeing how she slowly tries to become part of the community, and does her best to resist feeling anything for the sexy vet next door.  As I have come though to expect from Lorraine Wilson's book by the time the sex scenes occur they are hot, steamy and incredibly realistic - I may just have wished I was Poppy, but not just for that reason! 

Absolutely loved this book, it really hit the spot, and I just wish I had been reading it on holiday, and could have fully appreciated the heat on my body, while reading about how warm the climate in that part of France was. 

Really enjoyable and entertaining story that I completely and utterly enjoyed. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Impulse for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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