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Guest Post - Scepticism by Helen Parry Jones - Blog Tour

Many people have had little experience of mediums, psychic clairvoyants or spiritual healers. So it must come of no surprise I’ve had to counter sceptics all my life. Some are just ignorant of my role in society, whereas others have a basic understanding of what I do, but nevertheless adopt a position of dogmatic disbelief and total un-acceptance. There are even those for whom, no matter how much proof you present, it is never enough. Their argument is you might have known the person, heard or read about them, ... and the one I love the most – you might have researched them. As if I dont have better things to do with my time than target specific individuals and research their intimate day-to-day activities. With that degree of investigative skill and financial commitment, I’d be better suited opening a professional detective agency!
There are sceptics who accuse me of ‘cold reading, a technique whereby one person attempts to determine details about another by analysing their body language and appearance. In my opinion, that type of skill is best left to the performing stage mentalists who try to mimic spiritual communication in an attempt to debunk it, and promote further scepticism. How can ‘cold reading’ be a useful skill to me when an increasing proportion of my work is executed by online-audio or telephone? Anybody with a modicum of sense would wonder if I practiced any type of trickery, how could have I successfully worked openly in the public eye as a professional therapist for over thirty years, especially these days with the freedom of expression on the internet? Why would I even want to devote my whole life to any type of deceit, exposing my whole family to disgrace? Actually, as an articulate and resourceful woman, I could have quite easily chosen another profession and excelled elsewhere if I wasnt so accomplished and totally committed to what I do.
When I have encountered scepticism, it has been from people who dont know me, not from my client base. Recognising how some people can harshly judge me, you can understand why I sometimes have to be very careful whom I tell about my extraordinary experiences to avoid being thought incredulous, a little batty, or at worst, an outright deceiver. In the 21st century, when diversity and idiosyncrasy is actively embraced, it is absurd that my unconventional natural ability is so vilified and censored.
As might be expected, there are people who say to me, “Oh! I don’t believe in it.” This attitude I find most challenging, as I usually respond by asking, “What is the – it – you don’t believe in? Are you saying you dont believe in an afterlife or are you saying you accept there is an afterlife, but you dont believe anyone can communicate with it?” These are two totally different stances and can open a chink for learning in the most closed minds.
Actually, I am not offended by genuine scepticism, as I believe healthy doubt can easily be dissolved when the truth is presented.
When confronting scepticism from the media, I find it quite unsettling as my accomplishments are never taken at face value and journalists are predictably confrontational at a very base level. Society would have so much to learn and benefit if only the media could move forward from this divisive stance. Fortunately, the freedom of the internet does mean there is considerably more information at peoples disposal, but even in this day and age, the mainstream media still has a very strong influence over public opinion and its perception of the truth.
However, over the years I have witnessed that no matter how much proof you give of a spiritual afterlife and the ability to communicate with it, people sometimes want something specific to be said, and nothing else will suffice. In such circumstances, the recipient may well become disappointed. I learned long ago it’s not my role to wantonly convert every sceptic to believe in the afterlife in the exact way they want it to be revealed. If your friends and family need to offer proof in a specific way for your clarity, it is their responsibility to provide the information in an acceptable format, not mine.
Also, I don’t pick up the gauntlet every time I am challenged, that would be a little too self-indulgent. On the contrary, I will only take the challenge when there is someone in genuine need and when requested by my guides in service to the spirit world.
Sceptic or otherwise, the truth is the truth, and my reality is truth to me. I cannot change who I am and how I was born just for public convenience or palatability. Would you?!
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About the author: Living in Wales with her husband, Helen Parry Jones has been a professional spiritual healer and empathic medium for over thirty years. She has filled theatres and auditoriums across the country and has regularly appeared in national print and broadcast media including; The Daily Mail, Psychic News, RTÉ, BBC Radio 4 and Woman’s Way. Previous titles include, Hands of An Angel (published 2011 by Arrow) which was named The Daily Express’ book of the week.

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