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Book Review - Finding Love in Costa Rica by Clovis Whitman - Bookish World Cup - Costa Rica

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Title: Finding Love in Costa Rica
Author: Clovis Whitman
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 12th January 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Who wouldn’t want to find love in Costa Rica?

After her parents send Rachel to a tropical resort in Costa Rica for a high school graduation gift, she only wants to think about colorful sunsets, a blue ocean, and soft sand. But, her friend makes a costly bet that she can kiss and dump a guy at the resort before another flirtatious friend can do the same. To win, Rachel fakes a relationship with one of the resort’s vacationers.

Ethan Lockhart agrees to a pseudo-relationship with Rachel so that he can focus on his ROTC training and avoid an infatuated bridesmaid at his best friend’s wedding. Yet, after a number of romantic encounters with Rachel, he finds himself wanting a real relationship with her. He believes that, with a little work and a little help from above, he can make that happen.

Sweet quick read with three rather unlikeable females, set in a tropical paradise.  I found I warmed a lot more to the secondary characters and the boys than the girls. 

This is an easy read, I finished it within an hour, and apart from working on my tan as I was outside,  it was just pure escapism.  There is very little depth to the book, which is partly why I wasn't keen on the leads as they seem rather shallow - the only aspects we say of them was focusing around a bet  as to who would be able to kiss and dump a guy first - all the while they were in a tropical paradise. 

The various resort hotels featured sounded gorgeous and I would have been happy visiting them, but I was drawn to this book to see a bit about Costa Rica, and I possibly know even less than when I started reading!  

If you are looking for a very light hearted sweet romance to pass a bit of time then this could work for you.  If books 2-4 of the series were available I would be very curious base on their overviews at the end of this one as to how Rachel's character develops over the series, as I suspect this may just be an initial starting block. 

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