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Book Review - The Pursuit of Panama by Kay Bratt - Bookish World Cup - Panama

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Title:  The Pursuit of Panama
Author: Kay Bratt
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 14th June 2017
Rating: 3 Stars

Have you ever wanted to just sell everything and move abroad? Trade the rat race for a simpler pace of life? That’s exactly what Kay Bratt and her husband wanted to do but before they made that final decision, they took a boots-on-the-ground tour of Panama, Central America. At their meeting point in Panama City, they join a group of other like-minded couples and hit the road. From the busy city streets to the wide open country and then along the enticing coast, they spend two weeks experiencing the culture and soaking in the beauty of the land as they determine if Panama is calling to them. 

The Pursuit of Panama is not a how-to book or any sort of guide that can take you through the steps of moving overseas. However, if you’ve thought of leaving everything behind for a simpler life and want a snapshot of what two weeks in Panama can be like—and a peek at the author’s thoughts about the possibility of living in each town along her journey—then I invite you to join the Bratts for a once in lifetime adventure with The Pursuit of Panama.

I came across this book while searching for a book on Panama for my blog feature, and I figured with the gorgeous cover and a whistlestop tour of the country I would be onto a winner. 

Now as a book it is entertaining, I'm not doubting that it was informative  and it certainly does take in various towns and resorts in Panama.  But do I feel that if I was making a choice whether to move to Panama that it would be a good idea from this book  - well no - as there was very little about the specifics of living in the country. 

I was expecting to hear a bit more about local customs, culture, food, smells etc..  or the details of conversations with expats or locals, when instead everything was passed over reasonably quickly. 

I did get a feel for the different towns around the place, and  I did like the authors writing style but at the same time, found the regular references to her many other books really off putting, and I get that she moved to China in her younger life and has written a book about it, so why include sections about life in China, when its meant to be a boo about Panama?

Don't get me wrong I was interested in the contents of this book, found it simple to read but still feel as though I know very little about this country, although given the regularity of mentioning prices of meals, hotel rooms and house prices, I can't help but feel it is a country I could definitely afford to live in. 

The one message I will take from this book is that if you ever decide that moving to a completely foreign country is a good idea, then see if you can find a relocation tour, like Kay did, as it really does sound as though it gives a good grounding and experience of elements of a country, to give you an idea of what is available. 

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