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Book Review - The Things We Need To Say by Rachel Burton - Bookish World Cup - Spain

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Title:  The Things We Need To Say
Author: Rachel Burton
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital 
Publication Date: 11th May 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

Sometimes the things we never say are the most important.
Fran loves Will with all her heart. They had a whirlwind romance, a perfect marriage and a wonderful life. Until everything changed. Now Fran needs to find her way again and teaching a yoga retreat in Spain offers her just that. Leaving behind a broken marriage she has some very important decisions to make.

Will needs his wife, he needs her to open up to him if they’re to ever return to the way things once were. But he may have damaged any possibility he had of mending their relationship and now Fran is in Spain and Will is alone.

As both Fran and Will begin to let go of a life that could have been, fate may just find a way of bringing them back together.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this novel and for the first quarter I was wondering if I had made the right decision to read it, purely as I was exhausted and not thinking straight. However a few pages later I started to really get to grips with the book and over the course of the next few hours lost myself between the pages of Fran and Will's story. 

I suspect that if I had been through any of the things Fran has been through then I would have been in floods of tears for large amounts of the book as it is emotional, but it is also beautifully written, and really makes you think too. 

The story is told in the present from both Will and Fran's perspectives and also in a series of chapters set int he past slowly chronicling all the highlights and lowlights of their marriage together up to the present.   To start with you are given the bare bones information as to their current situation, but as the book progresses gaps start to be filled in, and with it your opinions may alter. 

Most of the present day of the book is set in Salou, Spain on a yoga retreat that Fran is the instructor on, the trip has not had the best timing in terms of a revelation the day before Fran flies out but it gives the pair a chance to think and reflect on how circumstances have got to this stage. 

I loved the bits where Fran was out and about in the local area and got a real feel for the Catalan area of Spain, complete with its own language and references to current events from the last year or two out in the region. 

The other people on the yoga retreat we get to know really well too and I loved being drawn into their stories too, as they are allon the retreat for different reasons but feel that yoga will help them out with their personal situations. 

I wouldn't be surprised if this is a book that will stay on my mind for a while, I'm not sure what I would have done in Fran's position but it certainly gives food for thought. This was the first book I had read by Rachel Burton and it certainly won't be the last,  as I found the story incredibly well written and full of emotion, with believable characters and situations. 

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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