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Book Review - Silent Night by Wendy Clarke

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Title: Silent Night
Author: Wendy Clarke
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author Supplied Copy
Publisher: Cobblestone Walk Publishing
Publication Date: 10th October 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

'Silent Night' is a collection of thirteen Christmas stories by Wendy Clarke, a regular writer of fiction for national magazines.

All of these stories have previously been published in either ‘The People’s Friend’ or ‘Take a Break Fiction Feast’. If you like stories with emotional depth and a satisfying ending, then this collection is for you.

What Shirley Blair, Commissioning Fiction Editor for 'The People's Friend', says about the author:

'Wendy Clarke has become one of The People’s Friend’s most valued writers, offering our readers a range of themes and a level of emotional satisfaction that is rare in the short story format.'

I don't read that many short story collections, but this one was promising Christmas stories, so I couldn't really resist, and I'm glad I took a look inside. These are my thoughts on each story. 

Project Christmas - The book story in the collection, about a father trying to make Christmas special for his children, despite them all still grieving. Its touching, and I loved the images I was getting as I read it, of this poor family.  A great start to the collection. 

On My Own - Bella manages to do what I imagine many people in couples wish they could do at Christmas and escape for some time on her own. I loved the descriptions of where she was staying, and really felt hopeful by the end of it. 

Silent Night - Rather surprising conversation between two men who don't really know each other. 

A Christmas Present Called Abbie - Up to this point its my favourite story in the compilation, I love Christmas stories when they involve young children that still believe in the magic of the season, no matter the circumstance surrounding them. 

Do You Believe In Angels -  A story within a story, wasn't too keen on this one at all. 

A Song For Christmas - This one had my heart racing one moment and then going aww sweet and laughing the next. That being said I thought the focus between the two characters swapped so quickly at times I was confused which one I was reading. 

The Memory Purse - Has a good sentiment within this story. 

All I Want For Christmas  - Short but sweet and brought a smile to my face really liked this story, involving  a man's last minute hunt for the must have toy of the year!  

Cancelling Christmas - Another enjoyable story in this collection, reminded me of Christmas With The Kranks, but on a slightly smaller scale! 

The Greatest Gift - Just what is the perfect gift at Christmas,that is what David is trying to find on Christmas Eve, and I love the sentiment and what he comes up with. 

Christmas Strike - Sweet little snippet of family life, showing what happens when a mother goes on strike one day! 

Finding Santa - Oh I loved this one involving a family trying to fly to Tenerife for Christmas, only it doesn't quite go according to plan. There are some really sweet moments in it. 

Together For Christmas - I was laughing while reading this, in recognition at how familiar a situation this must be for some people.  A great last story in this collection. 

So overall I really enjoyed most of the stories in Silent Night, they are a good mix and all rather festive.  I think they are a great showcase to Wendy Clarke's writing talents, and I'd be interested in reading something longer from her. 

Thank you to Wendy Clarke for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my collection, Rachel. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


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