Friday, 6 October 2017

My top picks of the Kindle Autumn Sale 2017

Well I must be on another planet recently, or at least incredibly busy with Rachel's Random Resources as it was only while scrolling twitter that I realised the Autumn Kindle sale had started. I had been looking out for it for most of the week wondering where it was, and even today I didn't twig that the graphic with the autumn leaf just saying books for 99p was the sale graphic. Forgive me I need it bright flashing lights! 

But I have done all the sales so far this year, so I may as well take a look at this one even though the autumn sales tend to have books that scare me, hopefully there will be a few picks. Advance warning unless the 12 Days of Christmas sale starts as early as 14th/15th December you will be on your own, as I will be on holiday over Christmas! 

There appears to be 450 books in this sale so sit back while I try and work out what I can recommend from it. Or if you want a browse for yourself here's a link to it! 

Take advantage at these prices as they won't last forever! 

Please note the sale ends on 12th November 2017, so if you are reading this after that date, then please double check the price, before you purchase, and since I am in England, this is the UK Amazon Autumn Sale, other regions may have different sales, and definitely different prices!

Top Picks That I Have Reviewed

Books on my review stack that I really am looking forward to reading! (Lol I had 6 on my previous sale picks in this category and still have only read 3)

Books I've purchased from the with my current reading patterns may appear in a random vote feature at some point!

The Snow Rose by Lulu Taylor - £1.09 -  I do tend to love Lulu Taylor books when I read them, but I've only read one since the slight change in style and move to these wintery looking books. 
Secrets by Debbie Viggiano - 99p - I read one of Debbie's books earlier in the year and definitely want to read more, so might as well add this to my TBR!
Mad by Chloe Esposito - 99p - I met Chloe at an event earlier this year and she managed to persuade me that I would enjoy her book. Of course I forgot to actually buy it until just now! 
Follow You Home by Mark Edwards - 99p - Just read the blurb and this feels like a really tempting book and one that could get under your skin. Just a note there are other books by Mark Edwards in this sale too if you are a fan but not read them all, I just thought i would start with one. 
In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware - 99p - I bought The Woman in Cabin 10 a while back but too scared to read it incase it puts me off cruising, so maybe this one will jump open on my kindle for attention sooner! 

There were also a large number of books in this sale that I have purchased in the past and still not read as I never seem to get a chance to read my own books outside of the weekly vote and any other features I do. Also plenty of books in the sale that I read in the years before I was blogging that I would love to recommend but then this post would get really long! 

If you are a fan of thrillers this is probably the best sale of the year for you, as there are so many of them in it, more than worth a look. 

So have you been tempted by any of these picks? What are your own recommendations from the sale? I'd love to hear from you. 

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